4 Easy Ways To Dog Proof Your Furniture

dog proof furniture

For most people, your pets are a part of the family. Just like a child, a pet is a huge responsibility with great rewards.

There’s nothing better than sinking into a warm, cozy chair with some hot coffee or tea in hand and having your cute little friend snuggled up next to you on the couch.

But when you share your furniture with your dog or cat, it creates it can lead to problems over time.

4 Simple Ways to Dog Proof Your Furniture

With that in mind, we have listed possible ways to protect your family’s furniture from 4-legged furry intruders to keep it tidy and safe.

Furniture Covers Can Be Your Best Friend

If you have scratches on your wood furniture or a cloud of dog hair on your sofa, it’s time to use one of the best tips we can give you: covers!

While the word “sofa covering” may conjure up images of urgh covers that your grandmother might have used in her home, there are now a plethora of more modern options ranging from washable blankets to slipcovers.

We know it’s not the dog bed, but your sofa that your dog loves to relax on!

So make sure the area is well-covered so you can remove the upholstery, wash it, and keep it in good condition.

If your furniture’s upholstery is already damaged, you can necessarily upholster it and, of course, make sure to follow the guidelines from the beginning. You can buy fabrics online to make your job a little easier because we know that having pets in the house can take away a good piece of your time!

Avoid Bare Wood Furniture

If you have pets, you need to be prepared to help them adjust to their new environment, just like you would be with a newborn baby.

The last thing you want is to come home from a long day at work to find that your dog has been chewing up your wooden sofa or chairs!

This is often the case when young pups start teething, but it can certainly happen when they’re older too. It’s something that everyone who owns a dog needs to make sure they prepare for since dogs, in general, tend to chew on things!

So one thing you can do is to avoid using wood furniture in a home that has dogs or animals running around. You can also crate train your dog if you have one or keep your pets off of all wooden surfaces with the help of bitter apple spray-trust us; it helps!

Groom Your Dogs Regularly

Nothing decreases excess shedding of your pets more than regular grooming.

If you regularly groom your pet and maintain its coat, it will help them shed less excess hair. In addition to looking better, this will reduce the odds that your furniture or anything else around you will get covered in their hair because they won’t constantly be shedding as much.

Do you notice scratches on your sofa? If you see any scratches on chair arms or sofa legs, simply trimming their nails regularly can prevent this from becoming a problem.

Color Coordinate Your Sofa With Your Pet

While this step may appear amusing, it is one of the most valuable lessons you can learn from this blog.

Because pets will shed hair no matter how well you clean, brush, or vacuum, and if you don’t want it to show up more prominently on your furniture and upholstery, it’s best to match your pet hair to your furniture. If you have a golden retriever, for example, a cream sofa might be a good choice. If you have a black Labrador, a black leather sofa will make a significant difference.


We hope this article helped you learn how to dog proof your home. However, most importantly, don’t forget to shower lots of love to your four-legged friends!