How to Choose Wood Furniture

wood furniture

There’s a major difference between high-quality and cheap wooden furniture. If you’re shopping for wooden furniture online, it’s essential to take your time to read through reviews and product descriptions thoroughly.

You’ll want to know the type of wood furniture you’re purchasing as well as quality, finishes, warranties if offered and what customers think of the product.

If you’re struggling to find furniture that you like, consider the following points:

High-Quality Wood

Multiple wood types can be chosen, and if you don’t know the difference between oaks, walnut, pine or other options, it’s challenging to know which wood is best for you. Quality is of the utmost importance, so choose your wood type carefully.

The most common hardwood options are:

  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Mahogany
  • Poplar
  • Oak
  • Walnut

These hardwoods often have deep, rich colors and are more durable than their softwood counterparts.

A few of the available softwood options are:

  • Cedar
  • Hemlock
  • Pine
  • Spruce

Engineered woods also exist. The engineered woods are often less durable than natural woods, but they’re far cheaper in price. If you’re on a very strict budget, the engineered wood may be a good option for you.

Relevance and Usability of the Design

What type of furniture are you considering? First, you need a plan so that you can choose a design that fits your needs completely. A few of the things to consider are:

  • Space. What space do you want to fill with furniture? An office will need much different furniture than a dining room, so keep all of this in mind when making your choice.
  • Size. How much space should each piece occupy? You’ll need to know the space that you have available. Measure each room and be sure that the pieces you choose will fit nicely.
  • Usability. What level of usability is offered from the furniture? For example, an office desk with ample storage space that’s wide enough for dual monitors may be a usability necessity. If the desk doesn’t have this space, you’ll need to consider whether you’re willing to add filing cabinets or wall shelving.

Relevance and usability are very important, so you need to do your homework on what you expect from your furniture. You may want to have a dining room table with expansion leaves to serve multiple guests for larger gatherings.

Look At the Finishing of the Wooden Furniture

Furniture finish matters a lot, and this is an area that most people don’t consider, but it’s one of the most important. So when you’re choosing the right furniture, whether it’s a table or other item, be sure to consider:

  • Sanding. When purchasing handmade, it’s vital to consider the finish and if the furniture has been sanded properly. All too often, the sanding leaves rough or uneven spots, which you may not want. However, there are also times when these imperfections are a good option, such as in a home with a rustic look and feel.
  • Bubbling. If purchasing the item in person, check the finish for any bubbling. The bubbling may be the result of poor craftsmanship or damage to the piece.
  • Staining. If the wooden furniture price is too low, you’ll want to question why. Staining is the one area where imperfections can make a piece look its worst. Pay attention to the stain and see if it’s uneven. Your stain should be even to allow for the best look today and if the piece’s color begins to fade.

You need to spend time reviewing all of your furniture pieces to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. There are times when the piece looks spectacular at first glance, but when you peek under the piece, you can see the staining wasn’t done right or as the unit wasn’t sanded properly.

Choosing wooden furniture takes time, and you’re making a major commitment.

Set a budget first and try and determine the main, must-have pieces that you would like to purchase. Once you have this information, you can determine exactly what quality level you can expect from the furniture you choose.

Handmade pieces of the highest quality are the most expensive, and you may not be able to budget for all of these items just yet. Lower-quality pieces may be available, but you need to consider whether you’re willing to spend money on pieces that may not last a decade or more.