Top 5 Best Games to Win Real Money Instantl

rummy game

Do you want to win real money? There are many games are available online that pay real cash instantly.

Gone are the days when traditional games were played simply for entertainment. With the increasing popularity of old-school games and exciting technological trends, games have not only become an essential part of the digital world but are now more than just a means of entertainment.

Several motivational factors spur people to play online games like Rummy, Poker and Pool. Since entering into the digital world, the popularity of such traditional games is on the rise as players can create online communities, compete with other players, share their scores with the world, and above all enjoy the game with like-minded people.

Undoubtedly, these games offer players a way to escape the monotony and stress of everyday life. But there is more to it than just that; these are games that players are signing up to play and win real money.

5 Best Games to Play and Win Real Money

From card games to virtual worlds, here are best games that are rising up the charts on account of the additional allure of winning real money while playing them.


Rummy may have simple rules, but with the multiple probabilities and combinations, it is complex play. This is what adds ‘thrill’ and a hint of suspense to keep players hooked. The aim of the game is to arrange cards in sequences to form melds. This could either consist of consecutive cards of the same suit or cards of different suits with the same value. People can register for free on any of the multiple online rummy websites to play the game for free.

On the other hand, if they want to play for cash, players might need to make a deposit of a particular amount, which can vary from one site to another. On certain apps, players also get a bonus when they register as a cash player for the first time. Once these steps are completed, they become eligible to play rummy online to win real money.

Additionally, since Rummy has different variants, players can also choose their preferred type to play. Rummy styles include traditional Indian Rummy, Rummy 500, Gin Rummy, Contract Rummy, and the likes. Needless to say, players must develop an effective strategy to win the game, especially if they are playing with cash.

Many rummy sites also hold various theme based tournaments and jackpots in which players can participate. These are often where the best action takes place, while the most skilled Rummy players battle it out for the winner’s crown.


Poker is another famous card game and involves a fair amount of bluffing skills. Online poker games have several variants such as Omaha, 7-card stud, 5-card draw, 5-card Omaha, razz, 2-7 triple draw, triple stud, and mixed games.

Players can register at any gaming site offering Poker games and select a variant in which they are interested. The game involves luck and experience in equal measure, so players should ideally not jump into the pool unless they are sure of all the basics of the game.

With games like Poker, winning huge cash prizes is not as easy as it may seem, making it essential for players to carefully devise their playing strategies. Poker players prefer to set themselves in a focused environment to avoid distractions that may take a toll on the game or the money for which they are playing.

Beginners are advised to familiarize themselves with new aspects of the game and begin with low-stakes when playing with cash for the first time.


For those who enjoy taking their time to play a game, and like to avoid excessive background music, Pool is perhaps an excellent option. Seasoned online players not only have numerous websites to turn to for a fun few hours of expert gameplay, but also have the chance to play for cash, increasing the appeal of the game.

Like Rummy and Poker, online pool can be played to win real money by making a deposit amount. Players can create a pool game for any amount and can also create or break challenges.

Whether they are playing 8-ball, 9-ball or 15-ball games, having complete knowledge of the basic rules is essential to winning a game.

Additionally, players must select the table wisely, buy a better cue, and shoot faster. While these are just the basics of the game, there are several other tips that players can find out after adequate practice.

4Exodus 300

Exodus 3000 is an entirely online strategy game that requires no software installation. The game is set in outer space where the player, while exploring the Martian surface, fights enemies and builds alliances.

While mining volcanoes, searching ruins, and attacking other participants, players can earn Mars Dollars (MD) that can be exchanged for real money. The gripping storyline and action sequences that players get to be involved in makes this a popular option amidst the younger crowd.

5Second life

In this virtual reality game, players can create an imaginary world that includes their own town, buildings, and house. Players can play this game on their desktops by downloading the SL Viewer software. While searching for coins, gems and fishing, they will earn Linden Dollars (LD) that can be exchanged in real money through Linden Exchange.


From the Rummy game to creating imaginary castles and completely new worlds, through these five thrilling online games, gaming enthusiasts can win real money while having a good time, irrespective of whether they are novices or professionals.