Dealing with the Common Students’ Struggles


One of the funniest, most interesting yet struggling phases of our lives is during our student years. It’s good to reminisce those moments especially when you conquered the challenges that you have faced during those times. School is the perfect place to explore things and because of our classmates, teachers, whirlwind events, struggles, and achievements, we are the people we are today. However, I assure you, it is not easy to get that diploma/degree because you will face a lot of issues. In this article, I will give you awareness about the typical struggles of students.


You may say that you have already planned your expenses before entering high school or college but are you prepared for the sudden academic requirements, like textbooks, maybe a project in physics, chemistry, art and music and etc. wherein you need to buy materials that might ruin your expenses? Also, there are emergencies such as an illness. These are a few examples of what a student might experience. That’s why you can be mentally drained and financially exhausted at the same time. Be prepared.

Time Management

Balancing time should be an early developed habit because it is hard to practice time management when you just need it. Before you know it, you may mess up, forget your assignment requirements, pass a paper with so-so quality and procrastinate which may lead to severe headache because of stress. If you don’t want to encounter procrastination, start practicing self-discipline and good habits. Some schools offer seminars for time management which will give you further and deeper insights about managing your time.

Academic Stress

Academic stress may be caused by various reasons but I am sure that the higher the year level, the more responsibilities there are and harder the academic requirements are. Students who are prone to academic stress are those people who don’t know how to prioritize, who find it hard to cope with the lessons and don’t have enough knowledge to complete their paper or project. These students tend to be behind a class and buy dissertation online. This is a convenient thing to do without sacrificing the quality of your academic paper.

Environment in the Classroom

No matter how independent you are in doing your errands in school, it is hard to sustain a competent academic standing if your classmates are not good. Unfortunately, some may encounter bully classmates that have an effect on your motivation to go to school. Often bullied students skip school because they can’t tolerate their classmates. In contrast, a good classroom environment can help you excel in your academic performance in a way where they will lift you up and help one another. That’s why the environment and a set of good people are important in our academic journey.

Pressures from People

The pressure is a broad thought but as a student, I am pointing out the peer pressures, and expectations from families. Peer pressure comes when you are half-hearted with what they are asking you to do. For example, after class, they want to hang out. But all of you are aware that you have an examination by the next day. Since they are your new found friends, maybe you will join them but you have your curfew. Then again, they said that you extend because you still have fun things to do! Until at the end of the day, you have a few energy to review. Moreover, the pressure of your parents put on you when you are choosing and planning your future career.

If they are the competitive and authoritarian type of parents, they also value your grades so much. As a student, that would be a struggle it is not enough that you are capable and knowledgeable about your subjects. But you need to consider also your mental health. Pressures around you have pros and cons. It could be your motivation but it can ruin you because you are scared of losing and not being on top. That’s a big problem. To conquer this, you may talk to your guidance counselor at school for him/her to help you on how to handle that kind of situations. If you have enough courage and you are open to your parents, you may talk to them about how you feel. That would help you and your family to start understanding each other.