5 Ways Students & Teachers Can Use Text Summarizers

text summarizers

Making work easier is the thing that everyone wishes for. Students wish to write a summary more easily, while teachers wish they be able to easily give notes to their students.

In this article, we will take a look at how summarizers can make the wishes of educators and students come true. So, if you are excited to learn, read on!

Text Summarizers – What Are They?

First things first, understand what a text summarizer is. Whether you are a student or teacher, at some point in your academic life, you have written a summary or will have to write one. If you have written you’ll know the process which goes like this: reading text, noting main points, and writing a summary.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. Text Summarizers are the AI tools that help you automate these steps. These tools help you Generate the summary of a text with just one click. These tools will not only help you with writing summaries but also help you with many other things, which we will look at.

3 Ways Students Can Use AI Text Summarizers

Now, it’s time to take a look at how text summarizers can be used by students.

1. Research

Research is a part of every writing assignment. Whether you are writing an essay or creating an assignment, you need to do research. And it’s something that consumes a lot of time. But worry not!

You can use a Text Summarizer to help you do the research. How? You need the main points from the article, blog, or research paper in the research process, right? That’s what summarizers do.

Just give them the text that you want important points from, and click summarize. They will come up with a paragraph or a list of important points. No need to read anything manually!

2. Writing Precis

In universities or colleges, students are required to write a precis of a research paper which means a summary of the research paper. Writing a summary takes a lot of manual effort as you have to follow these steps:

  1. Read the text
  2. Make notes
  3. Write an introduction
  4. Elaborate the points
  5. Write the summary
  6. Proofread it.

On the other hand, if you use a text summarizer, it’s just a job of a click. All of the steps above will be done in a few seconds. Although text summarizers have a high accuracy rate, it’s recommended to proofread the text and fix any grammar issues.

3. Meeting Word Limits

Assume that you are writing something in a flow, and you are enjoying it but a blunder happens. You were only supposed to write, let’s suppose, 500 words. But you have written more than 500 words maybe 800 words.

What do you do? You can use a summarizer. It will help you remove the unnecessary information from the ending of the blog, and just keep the important things in it to meet the word count. If you don’t use a summarizer, you will have to read it again, understand it, and remove the unnecessary information, which will waste your time.

2 Ways Teachers Can Use Text Summarizers

Now that you know how students can benefit from a text summarizer, it’s time to discuss how you can use a text summarizer as a teacher.

1. Make Notes

Let’s say you have taught your students a very lengthy lesson, and now you want them to revise it. As a good teacher, you’ll provide them with notes on the lesson. However, making notes itself is a very big job, and consumes a lot of your valuable time.

But the good news is, that this is something that even a text summarizer can do. How? You just upload the full lesson into the text summarizer, and it will give you the main points of that, which you can use as notes, and give to the students. Cool, right? There’s more you can do.

2. Check Work Quickly

If you have assignments submitted by tons of your students, and you want to have a quick look at the assignments, that’s where you can use a Summarizer. How? It’s simple.

Let’s say you had to read a long assignment to get the overview of it… the same thing you can do is read its main points, right? To get the main points, you can simply use a text summarizer, submit the text to it, and receive the main points with a click of a button.

There are many more possibilities for using a text summarizer to make your work easier. If you aren’t already using it, make sure to try it.


Students and teachers can use the growing technologies and latest tools in many different ways. One such way is using text summarizers to help you with multiple things.

The article above has discussed how you can use the text summarizer both as a student and as a teacher. It has just so many benefits. We hope this article has successfully convinced you to use a text summarizer.

Thanks for reading!