Consider Bed & Mattress If You Need To Sleep in Reclining Position

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You may suffer from a medical condition and the doctor may have suggested you to sleep in a specific position to provide adequate rest and healing time to your back injury. In such a condition you may have to sleep in a reclining position which is often suggested to people suffering from lower back pain or sciatica.

Such conditions specifically causes more pain when you standup straightand feels better when you bendforward. It is then that the doctor will ask you to sleep in a reclining position to provide better and proper support to your spine while sleeping.

Considerations to sleep in a reclining position

There are a few things you must consider when you sleep in a reclining position and that includes bed, pillows and mattress.

Adjustable bed

You can adjust the lower and upper parts of these beds by raising it and lowering to a definite degree in a personalized fashion. These beds are normally powered by a remote control. You will get these beds in a variety of designs and price points.

Reclining chair

Though it will not provide the same level of comfort or customization as an adjustable bed, a recliner or a reclining chair can provide support to your back considerably by keeping your legs elevated up to a certain degree. Apart from different types of coverings including leather, these reclining chairs will additionally have massage, heating, and lift-assistance options.

Wedge cushion

Use of wedge cushion is also suggested by doctors if you suffer from back pain and cannot sleep on a traditional bed with a traditional mattress. These are usually large foam cushions that come in a shape of a wedge. This is a less expensive alternative to the two above.

Several bed manufacturers also come up with the suitable mattress for each type of bed and also keep on adding new options to their existing products. Simply test the different beds and also read full review of the mattresses and pillows as well to find the best ones that will serve your purpose.

Sleeping comfort after spine injury

You will need to sleep in absolute comfort when you recover from a spine injury and therefore may have to give up your favorite bed and mattress for the time being. There are lots of ways in which you can get the desired comfort such as:

  • Elevating your knees by putting a pillow under them when you lie on your back
  • If you need additional cushioning you may opt for a soft pillow-top to your bed
  • You can also sleep on air beds that has separate chambers in it for air and can be increased or decreased as per your requirement
  • Consider extra amount of padding on the air bed especially above the air filled area to provide core support to you spine
  • Ensure that you sleep on an adjustable bed that also has the ability to adjust firmness.

Overall, if you suffer from a spine injury you will need to be more careful about where you sleep.