Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies in the World

cloud computing
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Modern IT world is fulfilled with cloud computing companies. Cloud technology is a hassle-free way to access a myriad of IT. Cloud computing technology was created to simplify the process of undertaking various tasks via the Internet. Cloud computing is very convenient. This technology can easily increase the overall efficiency of the business process. You should not hesitate to embrace cloud solutions, which lead to improved business performance, cash flow, efficiency, and other associated benefits. You can keep any kind of data.

You can keep it on the Cloud, instead of overloading your hard disk. Many specialists claim that the future of this IT sphere remains promising. Below, you will find the list of the top 10 cloud computing companies you should try.

Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies


Microsoft is the largest cloud computing company. The deep involvement in all the layers of the cloud services brought the company to the top. Additionally, its commitment to developing and assisting clients in deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and Machine Learning (ML) have allowed Microsoft to stay at the head of the heap.

2Amazon Web Service

Amazon Inc. is specialized in big and small enterprises, which seek to transfer operations from data centers to the cloud. Amazon Web Service has all the advantages of a big head, which starts in the cloud computing market. Amazon offers one of the best cloud infrastructure solutions like storage and compute. It goes without saying, it is one of the world’s most renowned cloud computing companies.


Salesforce is a famous American cloud company. Since its launch, the company has developed a remarkable combination of cloud-based services, which offer assistant to companies to manage their business relationships in the customer lifecycle. The company is considered the fastest-growing enterprise software company. You will be amazed to see its portfolio of products spanning sales, marketing, commerce, service, communities, IoT, analytics, and application development. All is done on a trusted cloud platform. Besides, Salesforce and Google are the official partners.


IBM can easily compete to be called the best cloud computing company in the world. The company has an interesting strategy to leave all the competition behind and become the leading cloud platform. Its best bet comes in the following form: Cognitive Computing and Blockchain. IMB has done the research in such disciplines as AI and ML. They focus on the progressive use cases, which concern data and analytics. IBM aims to bring AI and IoT closer to deliver unique applications to such industries as automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.


Google Cloud Platform is the tech giant. It boasts of such clients as eBay, Snap, and HSBC. Its innovative approach and affordability made Google Cloud Platform to be the world’s best cloud computing service companies. The company has recently made several important moves to increase its addressable space.


Rackspace is a reliable open cloud company, which delivers enterprise-level hosting services to small and big businesses. It serves more than 190,000 customers. The company integrates the best technologies for each and every need of customers. The services are delivered via its commitment to fanatical support. Rackspace opened the doors to Open Cloud Academy and launched a successful pilot training program. It is a specialized educational program, which is designed to provide students with affordable IT certifications to work with cloud technologies.

7Verizon Terremark

Verizon delivers cloud computing services as a part of its enterprise solutions. Its high-quality services helped many enterprises improve their IT performance and evolve business processes. You will get the scale, security, and reliability necessary to meet the demanding requirements of enterprises around the world.


SAP is a German multinational software company, which offers cloud computing services to its customers. SAP has a great evolution, moving from standard application software to cloud applications (SaaS) for different kinds of businesses. It is a market-leading cloud platform. Strategic acquisitions and continued innovations attract new and new clients. Surely, SAP has a very bright future in the global cloud market.


Oracle is a famous database software vendor. They started to offer cloud computing services in 2015. The company has a great portfolio in analytical cloud services, cloud applications, IaaS, and cloud integration services.


Workday is the company, which developed innovative solutions and recognizable products, starting from SaaS solutions to HR and finance teams. There is no denying that Workday takes full advantage of its growth. Workday is successful thanks to its impressive marketing and sales efforts in the massive cloud financials.