What is Automation Testing?


Automation will be a vital part of the testing cycle, and it will be necessary to decide what one wants and achieve with the automation before, and then one can automate for the best.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing is the software testing technique, and then you can test and compare the actual outcome with the expected result. You can achieve this with the help of writing the test scripts and using the automation testing tool. Test automation is in use to automate repetitive tasks and all other tests, which will be difficult and you can perform manually.

How to start with automation testing?

Here is the list of basic questions that you need to know before taking on the service:

  1. How will you introduce automation to the project?
  2. How to have the best selection and the right automation tool?
  3. How can you effectively develop the scripts?
  4. How will you execute and even maintain the test scripts?
  5. What will be the best practices that you must know and practice so that you can follow for successful automation testing?

Today, there is a plan to enrich the knowledge with the different tutorials, and you will get to start with automation testing. It is a series of automation tutorials that will answer all the above questions step-wise and with simple examples.

Now you can imagine yourself on the first day at the job. You are presented with the perfect application to be in the test. It is an ideal ERP application that contains 100s and even forms, with thousands of reports. You can begin the exploratory testing and then open to form, containing around fifty different fields.

Take random data in the form, which will take 20 minutes, and then press the submit button. Voila! You will see an error message, and it is shown that it looks like an unhandled exception. You will become happy, and then you can note the steps proudly and then report the availability of the bug to the management system of the bug. You will find great effort, and you will feel confident and even energetic. You will continue the testing until the last day, where the no meets and then finds more bugs. You finally thought that this was amazing on the first day.

The next day, the developer will fix the issue and even release the new version of the tire build. Then you test the same form with the same steps, and you will see that the bug is fixed and the quality improves. You will come on the third day, and the developer will release the new version. You will have to test in that form to ensure no regression issue; it takes twenty minutes, and you will also feel bored. It is time to imagine that a new version is released at the latest version on every release. You will give and test the lengthy form, plus there is another form, and you will ensure that there is no other regression.

Now it is the time that you will feel angry and even tired, and you will be ready to skip tests and fill up 50% of the incremental steps of the entire field. The accuracy will not be the same, and the actions will not be the same. Even in one day, the client will report that the same bug will be in the same form, and you will even feel pathetic. You are unconfident now, and you will not be competent enough, and even the managers will question your ability.

Regression is a painful issue; we are all humans, and you cannot do the same as always with the same speed, energy, and accuracy daily. You should also know that the machines do the same. It is the best automation you need to require, and you can repeat the same steps with the same speed, accuracy, and energy, and they are repeated for the first time.

When this kind of situation arises, you can automate the test case. Now the automation test case becomes your friend, and you can focus on new functionality and even take care of the regression. With automation, you probably fill out the form in just three minutes. The script will eventually fill all the fields, and you can tell the result along with the actual screenshots. In the case of failure, you will tell the actual result with the perfect screenshot. If there is any failure, you will pinpoint the location and look where the test is failing, and it will help to reproduce quickly.

Cost-effective automation testing

The automation cost is high initially, and it even includes the tool cost, and then there is the cost of the automation testing and its resources to her and his training. But if the script is ready, you can execute it hundreds of times with the same perfect accuracy and even make it quick. It will even save many hours with the manual testing, gradually decreasing the cost and becoming the Regression testing in an effective manner.

In which scenario one needs automation?

The above is not the only scenario when you need the perfect automation testing. There are several situations in which you cannot test manually. Also, for example- compare the two images pixel by pixel and compare the two spreadsheets that contain thousands and the rows and the columns with testing for the application under the loading of 100,000 users. It even offers performance benchmarks. It tests the applications on different browsers and other operating systems in parallel. The situation requires, and you should push through the tools.

When do you need to automate?

In the era of agile methodology in the SDLC, where there is perfect development and testing, you must go almost parallel. It isn’t easy to decide when you can automate.

It would help if you considered the following situations before you take the step of automation:

The product may result in the primitive stages, and you must think about what you can eventually automate when the product does not have the UI at the scene. Then there is the following point that you should remember as the follows:

  1. The test will be obsolete.
  2. When the product evolves, it will be an easy pick on the different scripts, and you even need to add on the best.
  3. It’s essential to get carried away and ensure that the scripts will be easy to debug.
  4. You do not have to attempt UI automation at the initial stages; even the UI will be subject to frequent change, and the leads to the scripts will fail. If possible, you can opt for API level with the automation until the product stabilizes with API automation, and it is easy to debug.