What are the benefits of a platform bed?

platform bed

There are different types of bed available in the market. Among all of these beds platform bed has some extra advantages which make it popular to the customer. A bed is not an ordinary decorative item of the bedroom. It has some features which can affect positively or negatively to your lifestyle. Pillowbedding says ‘A platform bed is not only beautifying your room but also improves your sleep quality’. So, do not stop reading here, please continue to learn in details about the benefits of platform bed.

Storage benefit

Platform bed has under storage benefit. You can easily store your winter clothing in the storage of platform bed. It is a very useful and space-saving option for you. Additionally, there are different types of a platform bed, among them, storage drawer with wheels is available in the market. This wheel s makes this drawer comfortable to use.  

Saving the space

Platform bed can save your room space. You can easily store books, newspaper, or another seasonal item beneath this bed.


Platform bed is less costly than box spring, canopy, bunk or other forms of bed. You can get metal platform bed at below $100. A wooden platform bed is available in a wide range of price from $80 to $800.So, additional feature and the quality of wood raises the price. If you need a simple slat platform bed, then a wooden platform bed might be your perfect choice.


The slat system of platform bed allows air penetration to the mattress and bedding. And as far as we know, air passing is not only important for the sleepers on the bed but also it is important for mattress and beddings life.

Easy movable

Platform bed is easy to move around the room or even from one floor to another. You can easily assemble and disassemble the platform bed by using simple carpentry tools. Do not worry; you will get some free tools with a platform bed for assembling it at the home.

Remove pain

Platform bed has a flat slat which helps to remove your therapeutic pain as well as back pain. This bed is good for all kinds of sleepers as platform bed support to align spinal cord, hip, and back. Therefore, it can assuage your body joint pain, but it is not good for the person who has knee pain. The low height of this bed is problematic for the people who suffer knee pain.

Aesthetic design

The people in the modern world are almost forgetting the aesthetic design of a bed frame. You can get an aesthetic outlook if you purchase a wooden platform bed.

Available size

Selection of exact sizes which will suit with room space is very important. So, it is good news for us that from king and queen to single, all types of bed frame size are available.

Adding headboard and footboard

Moreover, you can add headboard or footboard or both in the platform bed. You need to buy some pieces of wood and you can do it yourself.