Bobtail Insurance – Offering Independent Drivers A Peace of Mind


There are various different types of commercial truck drivers with a bunch of different needs. Some truck drivers work full-time while the others work part-time. Some own their trucks, while some don’t. Some work for small companies, while some work for large operators. The truck drivers that work full-time usually have their insurance coverage done by their employers. Their employers take care of all the policies requires of the different cargos, trucks etc. Bobtail truck insurance is not for these type of drivers.

The other type of drives who work part-time or independently, without employers, are the ones that benefit from bobtail truck insurance. These drivers don’t have their employers taking care of their insurance needs and the drivers usually need to ensure the one vehicle that makes their livelihood. Most of these drivers either own their truck or have it rented from some other place, however, it is still essential to get it protected with appropriate coverage.

Bobtail Insurance

All independent drivers that get hired for part-time work are provided federally compulsory primary liability truck insurance that all motor carrier possess. This coverage provides protection to truck driver by paying any costs that was inflicted to the other party due to an accident. However, with only a short-term basis contract, this insurance is only temporary. Once the contract of the driver expires, the coverage also expired. Bobtail insurance is a must in such a situation, as it provides coverage when the truck driver is not on contract to protect both the truck and its assets.

It can be a great money saver in the long run, as you never know when you might get involved in an accident. While having someone else pay for your insurance coverage sounds really nice, things turn out south pretty quickly, as soon as you deliver your cargo. Even your trip back is no longer covered. These is no coverage for the truck, the driver or any liabilities. This is where bobtail insurance shines and where it comes a necessity for independent drivers.

With trucking companies, such as Federal Companies, liability coverage ending for the independent drivers as soon as the job is done, it becomes the responsibility of the independent driver to protect his or her truck when not dispatched or on job. Bobtail insurance, also known as non-trucking liability, is an insurance policy that exists only for independent truck drivers.

Why is it important?

It works exactly like the primary liability policy, however, it works when you are off your job and not on a contract. It works like a part-time policy and is active only when you require it. When you are on a contract, you stop paying for it. This helps the independent drivers to avoid having to buy the full liability coverage and not even being able to use. You only pay when you are not otherwise covered from the primary liability coverage. This helps relieve a great deal of burden for independent drivers and also provide valuable protections to their assets. Due to this, it is highly beneficial for all type of independent truck drivers and operators.

Moreover, operating a truck without the appropriate insurance policy can be extremely risky for you as well as your truck. Accidents can often prove to be extremely costly, especially if you own a semi-truck. Whenever getting a bobtail insurance, it is important that you read the policy in detail and ask any questions that you might have with the insurance agent.

At the end of the day, you will drive with a peace of mind that you won’t be footing the humongous bill in case of an unfortunate event.