What are the mistakes in buying silverware?

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Silver jewelry is getting more and more popular among people, but many people who don’t know about silver jewelry will have some misunderstandings in purchasing.

  1. Just look at the price not the quality. Like the gold, the international price of silver published every day in the world is uniform, silver jewelry has many varieties of materials, the lower the silver content, the cheaper, You get what you pay off.
  2. Just look at the discount not the value. The discount depends on the sticker price. A low discount does not mean a low price.
  3. Just look at the product not the brand. Brand is recognized by the state, the majority of consumers, and it has stood the test of time.

What is pure silver?

Pure silver (sterling silver) S990, containing 99% of silver, is mainly used for silver bracelets, child locks, children’s bracelets and so on. The silver content of pure silver is not less than 99%, and the pure silver jewelry usually has the mark of S990 and S999.

What is international standard silver?

The standard silver “S925” is an international uniform jewelry standard silver with 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. It is mainly used to make fashion jewelry and inlaid silver jewelry. In 1851, Tiffany launched a beautifully designed silverware that attracted widespread attention. It was the first to use 925 silver and became the standard for American silver products.

What is plain silver?

The silver content of plain silver jewelry is 92.5%, and the remaining 7.5% is copper alloy, which conforms to the national standard of sterling silver. Generally, 925 sterling silver jewelry customized necklace will be platinum-plated in order to prevent oxidized blackening of pure silver. This so-called platinum is rhodium, 18K white gold, silver, nickel, copper, palladium, etc., one or several mixtures, in order to prevent oxidation or sulfurization blackening or yellowing. 925 silver without platinum plating becomes silver, 990 sterling silver can also be called plain silver if it has not been platinum plated. It is popular among some young people and is often used to make partysu style jewelry.

What is Miao silver?

The former Miao silver is also “sterling silver”, which is the most important jewelry and wedding supplies for the Miao people. But now the Miao silver is not pure silver, the other main component is copper, the amount of silver is not high. Its main feature is the hand-made production in the Miao area. The Miao silver decoration process is very complicated, and a silver jewelry necklaces for girlfriend can be completed after one or twenty processes. Moreover, the silver styling itself is extremely strict with the craftsmanship of the silversmith, and it is difficult for non-masters to complete it.

The Miao people created a variety of patterns and styles of silver ornaments, it not only gives out strong local folk flavor, but also shows deep folk culture connotation, and also shows the glory and momentum of a big nation, with beautiful patterns and rich meanings. If you just want to buy a beautiful jewelry, then Miao silver can be a good choice. However, jewelry such as earrings is not recommended to choose Miao silver because it does not have the effect of silver (Sterilization, prevention and treatment of allergies, toxicity, etc). In addition, Miao silver is imprinted.

What is Thai silver?

Thai silver is a special name for craftsmanship, and it can also be called “niello.” The silver and sulfur mixture (black) is melted on the silver jewelry to form a cover layer. This cover is black, which is very sharp contrast with silver and has a special visual effect. Moreover, after this treatment, Thai silver jewelry is not only difficult to change color, but the hardness can also be greatly increased, so it is also very popular. Thai silver generally contains 92.5%, 99%, and 99.9% silver.

Silver-copper alloy: commonly used silver: 98 silver: 98% silver content, containing 2% copper; 80 silver: 80% silver, 20% copper.

Silver copper zinc-nickel alloy: The silver content ranges from 30% to 80%, mainly used to make popular jewelry and crafts.

Imitation silver alloy: silver-free ternary alloy, including 50% copper, 20% nickel, 30% zinc. These materials are used to make jewelry similar to sterling silver and can be used to look like the real thing.

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