5 Best WordPress Event Plugins for Booking Appointments


Whether you are an individual, an entrepreneur, an agency, or any corporate business person, you must arrange events at some point in any case. It is not a simple job to organize an event and keep things managed and up to date.

In such a case, if you hire an assistant, it will cost you much. Don’t worry; we have better options for managing the events directly on your WordPress websites. It is a win-win situation; you can promote your event on your website and manage it all together.

That said, event management has become relatively more accessible, and all the credit goes to the efficient event management plugin for WordPress that assists us like a secretary. The plugins are designed to fulfill your requirements and cover all your event management needs.

According to the research, only 14.5 percent of event planning companies have not been affected by the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. Managing an event can turn into a complex situation if you cannot handle it in an organized way.

Benefits of Event Plugins

  • You can mark your event dates in the smart calendars that keep you reminding of your event.
  • You can manage your decided budget for the dedicated event.
  • You can arrange guest lists and invitations in the one-window shop.
  • You can send emails to your guest, participants, and team members for notifying the event plan.
  • You can promote your event and grab the social media attention of your WordPress website.

Best WordPress Event Plugins for Appointment Booking

This blog will help you find the best event management plugins for WordPress websites that best fit for ticket booking and appointment scheduling.


Manage your events and book appointments for different events, all with Amelia. It is a WordPress plugin used for organizing events with all the details, calendar synchronization, etc.

Additionally, Amelia’s user-friendly and beginner user interface helps you manage your official or unofficial events without any hassle. However, the primary purpose of this plugin is to book your appointments and add them to your calendar.

The intelligent booking and event management system will help you understand the overall process and keep you safe from doubling any booking on the same date. The dashboard looks modern, and all the options are easy to understand.

The beauty of this plugin is that it is compatible with multiple payment platforms, offers custom services, WooCommerce integration. When it comes to the events, you can easily configure one-day or repeating events such as concerts, meetups, classes, conferences, and many more.

Moreover, WP Amelia also builds a relationship with the top-notch gamification plugin, myCred. The perfect duo brings an opportunity for the customers and allows them to book appointments using the myCred earned points.

Overall, Amelia covers all your event management and appointment booking needs and takes your event to the next level of success. It offers a lot to the users that can be found on their official website.

It automates the process and notifies the users by sending them a confirmation email once they register to your event booking system or book an appointment. It also informs users through the automated email generation process once a user adds any event on Amelia.

2WP Event Manager

Manage your events for FREE with the WP Event Manager WordPress plugin. The core plugin is free, but if you want to unlock more features such as add-ons, you need to pay for the premium add-on price.

Showcase your events with the perfect compatibility of WP Events Manager with any of your WordPress website themes. This plugin is light in weight, fast, and enriched in unique utilizing features.

It takes you a little time to customize without any technical skills. The beginner-friendly nature of this plugin makes it easy to use by any person having any background. You may require a little configuration to adjust it with your website theme.

The free event management plugin offers a wide range of features that are free to use and almost cover your needs. But, if you want to go with the extended functionality and want to enhance your event management experience, you can purchase its premium add-ons.

Also, it works efficiently with third-party page builder services and provides you with unlimited customization options to mold the shape of an interface according to your brand style. Responsive with your desktop, mobile, laptop, tablet, and iPad screen.

The SEO terminologies help in taking your event management site on top of search engine result pages. The users can easily edit fields without disturbing the plugin’s code. Change the display of your events with a single click. It enables the users to handle multiple events and venues at a time from only one organizer account.

3Events Made Easy

The name of this plugin speaks for itself. It makes your event management journey easy and easy to handle. This plugin enables you to create personal and professional events with custom and dynamic fields within a few clicks.

The RSVP option is an additional option for the approval of the event. Furthermore, you can easily plan your events and publish them once they are launched. Plus, you can allow your customers to book seats for your current or upcoming events.

The primary point of discussion about this plugin is the payment platform compatibility and integrations. It makes a connection with PayPal, 2Checkout, FirstData, Mollie, and other third-party payment solutions.

What makes it prominent is that it allows the users to manage the memberships with custom and dynamic fields, add the events to the calendar for synchronization, PDF building, managing the location, RSVP booking, and personal/professional events creation.

There are many more options that you would like to explore about this plugin. In such a case, we would recommend you to visit their official WordPress page; to learn more about this plugin.

4Event Organiser

Event Organiser is specifically designed to provide event management solutions to all websites developed on WordPress. This plugin builds a fantastic combination with default custom post types.

Once you install this plugin, you need to select the right custom post type for your events and allow users to manage the additional event modules. Moreover, the users can easily assign the events to different venues for handling the complicated schedule.

The additional tags and categories functionality makes it easier for the users to filter out the events by using the particular keyword. Get extensive support for one-time and recurring events.

This is a freemium plugin that means it is FREE to use but to unlock all the features; you need to purchase the pro version of this plugin. The user interface of this plugin is easy to understand, and the settings are relatively straightforward.

The Event Organizer widgets make it easy to display items on your WordPress websites, such as the Calendar widget, Event List widget, and Event Agenda widget. The shortcode functionality enables you to showcase the widgets anywhere on your WordPress website.

The user-friendly and developer-friendly widget handles the coding complexities and does not let you bother with technical hassles. The comprehensive API documentation is available for the users’ help.

5Calendarize it! for WordPress

In a crowd of different event management WordPress plugins, Calendarize it! stands out as one of the best WordPress event plugins with powerful add-ons. It is a paid plugin and available on CodeCanyon.

It is easy to use and enriched with unique features to leverage the users in all ways. This plugin also benefits you with its ready-made templates that you can use for the page building of your events.

You can also highlight the events to recognize and categorize them. It supports multi-languages for the customers’ ease. The social media accounts can be connected to this plugin for logging in through your personal social accounts. Showcase the calendars in different views to make them eye-catching. Users will have the power to rate it and leave a desirable review after using it.

Also, the customer support specialist of this plugin always tries to resolve the customers’ issues and provide them with the best resolution to the problem.

Organize your Event, Now!

That would be all for choosing the best event management plugin for your WordPress website. We have covered almost all the information that must be considered while opting for any platform to start organizing your events.

This blog is specially designed to meet your requirements and make it easy for you to pick the best choice for your WordPress website. Go through each of the listed plugins and find which best fits your needs.

Event management is a very crucial process and has to be adequately planned. A single mishap can destroy the whole user experience. The event mentioned above management WordPress plugins will help you handle your events without requiring any technical expertise.

It is challenging to choose an item when you have a number of choices available with near to the same functionalities. In such a case, you will quickly get an excellent match for your event management.