7 Best Wood for Axe Throwing Target

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If you want to learn how to throw axes, one of the first things you need to do is to choose the right wood to serve as your axe throwing target. You have many options, but the best wood for axe throwing target will depend on your budget, skill level, and availability of the wood. Cedar, Pine, and Poplar are excellent choices, but there are other types as well. Before you choose the wood for your target, it’s essential to understand which types are best.

When choosing the best wood for axe throwing target, considering the pros and cons of each wood is essential. Your axe throwing experience highly depends on the quality of the wood. A suitable wood for a target is one that is made from softer woods, such as pine, Poplar, or cottonwood, because they are easy to procure. Soft wood is also a good choice because they tend to fill the holes created by the axe. They also tend to move back to their original positions after you remove your axe from them.

Wood quality and durability are key factors when choosing the axe throwing target. These targets are made of wood and can be mounted against a wall or a homemade or professional stand. They must be painted, and they must follow all of the rules set forth by the World Axe Throwing League. The type of wood that you choose should match your skill level and budget. Medium-soft wood is ideal. Pine and Spruce are both excellent choices.

What is the Best Wood for Axe Throwing Target?

Below are some of the best wood for axe throwing which are different from other woods. Let us understand their unique qualities that make them special to the sport.

When choosing the wood, you should be mindful of the quality and density of the material. Softer woods are better for this purpose. They won’t be as rigid as harder wood, and they allow the axe head to penetrate deeper and bury itself in the target.

1Poplar wood

Poplar are less expensive and easier to find. If you want to enjoy your axe throwing activity, you can choose good quality poplar wood. It is often considered one of the best wood materials for the perfect axe throwing target. If you are not looking to spend a lot of money on a high-quality wooden target, you can get one that is affordable and sturdy.

Many axe throwing targets are made from top-quality poplar wood, making them safe for children and adults alike. Its varying properties make it the ideal wood for axe throwing target.

2Pine wood

Pine is one of the most popular and easy-to-find wood types to use for your axe throwing target. It is also a great choice if you are on a budget, as this kind of lumber is cheap and readily available in any hardwood store. Choose a wood that is dense enough to withstand repeated throwing but soft enough to stick to your axe. If the target is too soft, flip it over so that it can be re-used for future axe throwing exercises, practices, or competitions.

If you’re interested in outdoor axe throwing but don’t know what type of wood to use, go for pine wood. Although axe throwing targets aren’t cheap, with suitable wood, they can be well-made to last longer. Pine wood is the best, especially if you have children involved in the game, as it is safer than other available woods.

3Willow wood

Axe throwing is a sport that requires patience and consistency. This sport can be challenging but using willow wood for a target comes with its own added benefits. It is inexpensive, easy to work with, and has a uniform texture. Another advantage of willow wood for an axe throwing target is that it is relatively quiet, absorbing the sound of the axe hitting the target. The quieter the target, the more concentrated you are. You also won’t disturb those around you, who would get jealous if they heard you having a great time throwing axes.

There are several benefits of willow wood. It doesn’t decay quickly like pine making it an excellent choice when you want to make a durable target. The reason for this is that it has good nailing properties and is also readily available. It also has good compressive and bending strength. Enjoy your next outdoor axe throwing activity with a willow wood target for a better experience!

4Cottonwood wood

When selecting the wood for the indoor axe throwing target, consider the end grain. This particular type of wood has a great property for sealing holes, making it an excellent choice for target. Cottonwood, for example, is three to seven times more durable than pine. Although cottonwood is a bit expensive, it’s worth using for your next axe throwing target for the experience it offers.

White pine is the most affordable option at the local hardware store; it is not always the suitable choice for axe throwing targets, especially when you have a large group of people participating in the axe throwing game. Cottonwood is thick enough to withstand repeated throwing. If a target becomes smashed, flip it over to repair it. This way, you can use it again.

5Palm wood

If you’re looking for a simple but effective axe throwing target, look no further than palm wood. A palm wood target is ideal for both recreational and competitive axe throwing purposes. A palm wood target has many benefits, including its beautiful natural color and smell. The flannel will make it even more aesthetically pleasing, and the axe will be more effective when it’s aimed at the right target.

Palm wood is an excellent choice for axe throwing targets as it is soft and user-friendly. It is inexpensive, has a tropical appeal, and is easy to find. It can also be used to create a target for those who are just starting out in axe throwing. This type of target can be constructed with only a few household items, and is quickly built in your yard.

6Spruce wood

Are you planning to build your own axe throwing target? There are a few essential things that you need to take into consideration. First of all, the wood must be durable enough to resist sharp blades. While pine or Poplar makes a great choice for a target, they are not as durable as Spruce. They are also more expensive than Spruce, which may be a better option overall. The wood used for an axe throwing target should be completely dry before you start constructing it.

Be it an indoor axe throwing or outdoor axe throwing activity, Spruce is an excellent option for a target as it is easily available, highly durable, and efficiently pocket-friendly wood for axe throwing target. It often makes a perfect axe target for repeated usage. Many axe throwing arcades prefer Spruce over pine or Poplar for its added benefits and great usability.

7Cedar wood

If you want to maximize the life of your axe throwing target, consider purchasing cedar wood. This wood is highly durable and easy to find. In addition, cedar is softer and will hold up better to repeated axe throws. Also, if you want to make the most out of your target, look for end-grain targets. The end grain allows the axe head to glide between the fibers. This will enhance the overall experience of axe throwing.

Cedar wood is mostly non-resinous and has a uniform texture that makes it very easy to work with. Also, it is lightweight, which makes it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use. If you have children or want to use your indoor axe throwing target for the whole family, cedar wood is also an excellent choice, without any doubt.

Importance of Choosing the Right Wood

Axe throwers need a target that is portable and durable. The type of wood that you use for your axe throwing target is an essential factor in its durability and stickiness. Softwoods like cottonwood tend to last longer than harder woods, and cottonwood is exceptionally forgiving. When compared to pine, cottonwood tends to fill in the gaps that are left by an axe. Another wood for a target is poplar wood, which is also common for wooden toys and furniture. These woods are easy to work with and are often favored for indoor axe throwing targets.

Ultimately, the wood in an axe throwing target will determine how durable it will be. Woods for axe throwing targets can be challenging to find in the wild, and woods that are prone to rot are best avoided. A good carpentry store should have all the wood you need!

Key Takeaways

The wood used for an axe throwing target should be able to withstand repeated throwing. Targets made from white pine or Poplar have high bending and compressive strength, while softwoods such as Spruce and willow are highly durable and easily available. While all these woods show comparatively excellent durability, a well-made target made from these materials will last for years. Once you have the right tools and training, axe throwing is an inexpensive and fun activity that you and your family will enjoy.

When choosing axe throwing target, softwood is the best choice. It increases the durability of axe throwing targets and doesn’t splinter or shred like dry wood. Additionally, softwood can be used to build a single or multiple-rings target. These target styles can also include the clutch and two special zones, known as bullseye and clutch. For more precision, choosing suitable wood for axe throwing targets is highly crucial.