14 Best Places to Visit in Shimla


Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. Shimla is the greatest spot to visit if you want to appreciate and discover the best of the beautiful Himalayas.

Shimla is regarded as British India’s summer capital and is well-known for its prominent tourist attractions, top locations to visit, notable sightseeing spots, and outdoor adventure activities. It is also well-known for Mall Road, colonial-era ambiance, a popular honeymoon destinations for couples, daring activities, gorgeous pine-covered hills, and so on.

Shimla is home to a plethora of well-known and popular restaurants, food outlets, and eateries that serve delectable cuisine to those who enjoy eating and traveling. Every foodie should sample the Shimla street delicacies.

Top 14 Places to Visit in Shimla

Planning to visit in Shimla? Here is a list of the amazing and best places in Shimla you must visit, so you can easily find out which top places near by Shimla.

1Jakhu Hill

This hill is renowned as Shimla’s highest point. Jakhu Hill is located roughly 2 kilometers from Shimla. This hill’s elevation is nearly 2400 meters above sea level. The spectacular view of the mountains is something to witness due to the great altitude.

The Hanuman temple is another renowned site on Jakhu Hill. This old temple is a favorite among pilgrims who visit Jakhu Hill. People can either walk or take a taxi to the Hill. It can take up to an hour to walk from the Ridge Road Church to the Hill.

The temple, which is located on the hill of the same name, has a lovely location among the Shivalik hill ranges. The area is shrouded in historical mysteries and spiritual legends, which adds to its allure among tourists and residents alike.

According to one version, Hanuman rested here for a bit before starting his trek to find Sanjeevani Booti and finally resurrect Lord Lakshman. A trip to Jakhu is without a doubt one of the top things to do in Shimla. Worship is held here by devotees and pilgrims.

Lord Hanuman is honored in this temple. It is home to the world’s highest Hanuman statue (8,000 feet! ), which can be seen from everywhere in Shimla. The area is populated by native monkey families. The temple’s vantage point overlooks the town of Sanjauli.

2Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary

The Royal family of Rampur Bushaher originally held this sanctuary. The Royals utilized the refuge as a hunting ground. However, it was designated as a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1962. Many unique bird and animal species call this sanctuary home. Monal, Musk deer, and Thar are the most popular species.

The sanctuary is also popular among trekkers who enjoy walking via the many pathways that surround it. The greatest time to visit this sanctuary is during the summer season when the temperature is moderate in comparison to the heavy snowfalls in winter and monsoon rains.

3The Summer Hill

This hill is located around 5 kilometres from Shimla. Summer Hill is now a town, and it is served by the famed Shimla-Kalka Railway line. The winters on the Summer Hill Stations are extremely chilly due to the altitude.

Even in the summer, the nights are renowned to be frigid. This is a well-known summer resort for vacationers looking to get away from the metropolitan heat. The Christ Church, which is located on the Ridge, is another attraction. With its art and architecture, the Church is a lovely destination to visit in Shimla.

4The Ridge

Ridge Road is a big open space near Mall Road and the famed ‘Lakkar Bazaar.’ The Ridge Road ascends to Christ Church. The Ridge Road region is also known for hosting a number of festive events, as well as numerous types of fairs where people gather to sell Arts, Handicrafts, and other Souvenirs.

People come to Shimla in large numbers during the Summer Festival to buy locally manufactured commodities and handicrafts. Though the name suggests otherwise, the location is anything but.

One of the best things to do in Shimla is to visit The Ridge, a shopping area on Shimla Mall Road that connects Lakkar Bazaar and Scandal Point. Cafes, boutiques, bars, restaurants, and shopping abound. Make a point of purchasing some local handicrafts and relics. This location also provides some of the best panoramic views of snow-capped mountains and sunsets in the area.

The Ridge, a proud addition to Shimla’s tourism list, still has British-era establishments and influences. This renowned hill station has a diversified tree life (rhododendrons, firs, pines, and Himalayan oaks), which adds to its natural attractiveness.

5The Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex

This theatre is well-known for hosting a variety of cultural events. It draws a great number of visitors to Shimla who are interested in the events and local performing arts. It is well-known for hosting the filming of many Bollywood musicals. This theatre first opened its doors in 1887.

The theatre was built in the old Victorian style, which was popular in the United Kingdom. The theatre can seat around 300 people at one time. This theatre was created with cutting-edge acoustic technology and is renowned as the center for all cultural activities. There is also an art gallery, an exhibition hall, and an amphitheater at the Gaiety Theatre. The location is suitable for staging cultural and artistic activities.

Heritage Walks are some of the best methods to immerse yourself in the local culture and its historic roots. These are guided tours offered in season for anyone interested in learning more about Shimla’s many old buildings and landmarks. There is a special ‘Heritage Zone’ set aside for this purpose. You’ll be largely walking with a group, so pack accordingly and wear appropriate footwear.

6The Lakkar Bazaar

The old market area is just below Mall Road. This market is filled with antique shops and vendors selling a variety of traditional handicrafts, apparel, and souvenirs. During the holiday seasons, people come to this bazaar to buy winter clothes such as shawls and woolen textile products.

The Lakkar Bazaar is well-known for its wooden toys and walking sticks made of wood. The immigrants from Hoshiarpur who moved to Shimla and started their wood carpentry business founded this bazaar. As a result, this historic market was given the moniker ‘Lakkar Bazaar.’

The market still sells a variety of wood-based things, including toys. This market also has a plethora of food vendors where you may sample a variety of traditional Himachali and Punjabi cuisine.


Kufri, a hill station, is another popular location for visitors to Shimla. Shimla is only 20 kilometres distant from Kufri Hill Station. There are numerous tourist attractions in Kufri that may be enjoyed during a visit to this lovely hill station.

There is an amusement park called Kufri Fun Campus that offers several rides for children as well as ‘Kufri Go-Karting’ sports that people can participate in during their visit.

There is a Wildlife Zoo where visitors can witness many rare kinds of Himalayan birds and animals. The most common reason for people to visit Kufri, however, is for skiing. The snowfall is perfect for skiing sports from December through February.

8Reserve Forest Sanctuary, Shimla

This forest region is accessible by road from Shimla, which is 11 kilometres away. This forest refuge is a must-see for birdwatchers, photographers, and wildlife enthusiasts. The entire forest encompasses more than 900 hectares.

The picturesque vista from this refuge is stunning and will stay with you for a long time. Other Shimla attractions seen from the sanctuary are many. RaktaDharand, DeoTibba, and including numerous small villages. The ‘Chail Sanctuary,’ which is near to this forest, is another well-known sanctuary. This refuge also houses a variety of bird, plant, and animal species. It has a high level of biodiversity.

Tourists interested in trekking and mountaineering will find lots of pathways to trek in the Himalayas and mountain climbing opportunities in this forest. To enter the forest border or engage in other adventure activities, however, prior permission from the forest department is required.

9Ice Skating

This is one of the most memorable things to do in Shimla because it is the largest naturally formed ice skating rink in South-East Asia. This rink, nestled in the Himalayan foothills, is a favorite panoramic viewpoint and, of course, provides plenty of skating activities in season.

The rink has been in operation since 1920, making it historically significant. Annual carnivals and national competitions are not uncommon in the area. These are some of the well-known tourist locations for those who want to explore and enjoy the sights of Shimla, often known as the “Queen of the Hills.”

10Mall Road

The main street, commonly known as Mall Road. It is well-known among visitors for its Gaiety Theatre, Church, Restaurants, and stores. The road is solely intended to be walked on. On this street, no automobiles are permitted. As a result, one may stroll down the Mall road with a view of the mountains in the background.

This avenue is home to a number of government offices, as well as a number of banks and clubs. The Gaiety Theatre is one of the most popular venues to visit in Shimla to experience Himachal’s cultural events. Tourists can also buy a variety of locally manufactured handicrafts, souvenirs, and artwork.

11Kalka-Shimla Railway

This railway operates a small gauge train from Kalka to Shimla. The railway is a historic structure that dates back to 1890. This railway route has been designated a World Heritage Site.

The train journey is quite popular among visitors, and the train is also known as the ‘Toy Train’ due to its old-fashioned construction. While riding the train, one may take in the gorgeous scenery and landscapes.

The train still has booking options and schedules that anyone may examine to plan a fantastic trip. There are numerous tourist attractions in Kufri that may be enjoyed during a visit to this lovely hill station.


Annadale is regarded as one of Shimla’s most prominent tourist destinations. Before India’s independence, this place was a favorite vacation spot for British officers. The land was first used by the ‘East India Company,’ and many officials participated in sports such as Polo here.

Annadale is currently under Indian Army authority and is considered an army territory. The Army Museum, as well as the Cactus Museum, are famous tourist attractions. Tourists can either drive or walk to this location. The rink has been in operation since 1920, making it historically significant. Annual carnivals and national competitions are not uncommon in the area.

13Kali Bari Temple

Every year, hundreds of pilgrims visit this temple. The temple was dedicated to the Goddess Kali and was built around 1845. This temple is worth a visit because of its picturesque setting with a breathtaking view of the mountains.

The temple has a striking resemblance to Kolkata’s well-known ‘Dakshinerwar Temple.’ The old temple architecture, which can be found in all Hindu temple buildings.

14The Temple of Tara Devi

This 250-year-old temple is perched on a hill. It is on the list of the most visited tourist attractions due to its picturesque backdrop of the Himalayas. The Tara Devi Goddess is honored in this temple.

Many devotees of the temple consider their visit to be spiritual. The temple is around 10 kilometres away from Shimla and may be reached from there. Check out In the High Himalayas – With a Prayer and a Dog as well.