Best Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is a prime country in the Arabian Peninsula. It is a rich country due to its huge petroleum reserve, for which it is the largest exporter of oil in the world. This large sovereign country is also a major tourist destination to numerous Muslim pilgrims, due to the presence of two holy mosques of Mecca and Medina.

Best Time to visit Saudi Arabia

Normally, the winter months of October to March comprise the peak tourist season in Saudi Arabia, due to the favorable weather conditions at this time. However, some people opt to enjoy the cool and humid weather of the coastal region along the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea during the summer months. Thus, travel agencies offer Saudi Arabia domestic packages accordingly, for the convenience of tourists.

Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia


Kingdom Centre Tower is a 41-story building that houses a shopping mall, hotel, and residential apartments, along with a sky bridge on its top. Masmak Citadel is an ancient fort made of mud bricks and clay, located at the heart of this city. Al Faisaliyah center is another important skyscraper, consisting of 44 floors and very close to the city centre. National Museum and zoo are other notable tourist attractions of Riyadh.


King Fahd’s Fountain is the tallest fountain in the world, with the water of the Red Sea springing up to a height of 800 feet. Silver Sands Beach along the Red Sea is very popular among tourists, where they can enjoy beach activities. Al Shallal Theme Park, Atallah Happy Land Park, and Jungle Land Theme Park are popular tourist attractions, with thrilling rides and other forms of entertainment. Jeddah Flagpole, Al Rahma Mosque, Bicycle Square, Globe Roundabout, Jeddah Lighthouse, and Fakieh Aquarium are enlisted for sightseeing in this city.



This capital city of Asir province is well-known for its breath-taking natural beauty. Al Souda National Park is a prime tourist attraction for its lush greenery and scenic beauty. Al Milla palace, Shada Palace, the Green Mountain, Shallal Al-Dahna Waterfall, and mud houses are other tourist attractions of this city. Imagination Park is famous for a natural museum of local flora and fauna.


It is the second holy city for Muslims after Mecca, due to the presence of Al-Masjid An-Nabawi that was built by Prophet Muhammad. The burial place of Prophet is marked by a green dome within the premises of this mosque. Hence, Muslim pilgrims make it a point to visit this place after worship in Mecca.


This old Arabian city is famous for Tarut Castle located on Tarut Island. Dammam Museum, Murjan Island, Corniche on Aziziah Beach, King Abdullah Park, King Fahd Park, and Dolphin Village are other major tourist attractions of this city.


The fortress on the three peaks of Jebel Khuraibah is a notable place, due to several rock-cut tombs, including the Lion Tomb. Al-Ula Heritage Village, Al-Ula Fort, Al-Ula Antiquities and Heritage Museum, and Umm Al Daraj to the north of the city are other vital tourist attractions.

Pamper your taste bud with traditional Saudi Arabian dishes

Some prominent traditional cuisines of Saudi Arabia are Harees, Haneeth, Madfoon, Kabsa, Mandi, and Jalamah, which are made of meat. Hanini, Aseedah, Muhallebi, Basbousa, and Sambusak are some popular desserts in this region. Markook and Roz Bukhari are Arabian types of bread consumed here.

How to Reach Saudi Arabia

There are many non-stop flights to the international airports of Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Madinah, from all major cities in the world. Saudia, Flynas, SaudiGulf, and Flyadeal are the airlines conducting regular flights to Saudi Arabia. The online hotel booking is also essential while buying flight tickets to scheduled destinations in Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, tourists can easily plan pleasure trips to Saudi Arabia and enrich their memories of vacations.