21 Best Indoor Games for Adults and Teens – Fun Activities

celebrity indoor game

Indoor games are the best to create a pleasant atmosphere for any occasion, adults and kids will love these fun activities.

I agree; planning an adult get-together, be it family or friends, is always a fun experience to have. But no one can disagree that keeping all of them entertained throughout is easier said than done. Indoor party games and fun activities are great for ensuring happy and satisfied teens and adults.

Best Indoor Games for Adults

Here, I have brought together a best mix of uniquely classic indoor games and fun activities for adults and teens. Some are naughty drinking games, some are adventurous, and some are just regular old fun. Whatever your need be, I’m sure a sport from this list of best indoor games will suit you perfectly.

Bite The Bag

bite the bag Bite the bag is a hilarious drinking game that is even more fun to watch. Players can take turns trying to reach down and attempt to pick up a bag with their mouth. However, rules suggest that only your feet should touch the ground, and only your mouth should touch the bags.

When someone fails to pick up the bag, they must take a shot. Want to make things even more enjoyable? You can take an inch off the bag to make it smaller after every round.


celebrity indoor game

Celebrity is an adult party game where teams can compete against each other to guess as many celebrity names as possible in the stipulated time. It is like charades but more fun because it’s a little different every time, depending upon which characters are given. You can even ask every family member to pitch in and contribute to the celebrity names.

Who guesses and picks the name can be mutually decided between the teams, and every team keeps going until the time runs out. Players can describe celebrities using words, action, or both, and the team that gets the most name right wins it all.

Cotton Bill Fun

cotton balls indoor game

First off, you’ll need a bag of cotton balls, a chair, a spoon, a blindfold, and two bowls, small and large. Every player tries to scoop up cotton balls from one bowl to another with a spoon while blindfolded in this individually played game. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Let me tell you that the players cannot touch the cotton balls with their bare hands. They can only use the spoon.

At the beginning of the game, the player should be seated blindfolded on a chair with a small bowl full of cotton balls in their lap. The large bowl is placed securely on their head, and the game begins!

Drop A Hint

drop a hint indoor game

In this game, one player is a guesser while the other players drop one-word hints one after the other. The guesser has only one chance to get the name right and keep taking hints until either the time runs out or they want to guess.

What makes drop a hint one of my absolute favorite party games is that it can turn particularly hilarious when the teammates dropping hints can’t get on the same page.

How Do You Do

how do you do music indoor game

How Do You Do is one of the funniest musical party games I’ve ever tried. In this game, teams compete against each other to guess a song based on a version sung by only using the word “DO.” It may sound simple, but try singing and speculating on the spot. You’ll know what I’m talking about.

One player per team picks a song name out of the box and tries to sing the tune using just one word. The other teammates have to keep their ears standing and guess the music correctly to win.

Kiss Marry Kill

kiss marry kill indoor game

It may sound like a twisted horror nightmare, but KMK is a widely popular thinking game for adults. As the name suggests, you have to determine who you’d kiss, marry, and kill among a given choice of three people. The best versions of this game are played with celebrity names or fictional characters.

Kiss, marry, kill is quite the entertainment package of party games and swiftly provides hours of unscripted fun with family members or friends. You don’t even need three people to play; just two are rough.

Mad Libs

mad libs indoor game

Mad Libs is a hilarious family word game consisting of one player asking others for a few words to substitute blanks in a short story before reading it aloud. No one knows the story until it is read out loud with your words substituted for the blanks! If it sounds like your English test, then wait, I haven’t told you the best part yet.

You can ask for nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc., without giving any context. Just wait to hear the complete sentence to start laughing instantly.

Movie ID

movie id indoor game

Movie ID is a charade-like indoor game, except that it’s a bit more complicated. One player from every team has to get their team members to guess the correct movie name using the least number of words possible. What makes it even more interesting is the initiating bid that the one player from both teams makes after learning the movie names.

Only the team with the lowest bid can try guessing the name, but they only have a single try to get it right. Also, if one group fails, the other team can attempt assuming the title to win the round.

Murder Mystery

murder mystery indoor game

Murder mystery-themed games are not just meant to be played on Halloween. They can be played anytime, anywhere with friends and family for a super fun indoor time. Murder mysteries are a great game for large groups and require brief character descriptions for all the players to get acquainted with the backstory.

The plot, the props, and the prizes are all for you to decide. Whatever you choose, it is sure to be a thrilling evening for the whole group.

Name That Tune

name that tune indoor game

An all-time favorite game for music lovers like me, Name That Tune makes total sense when you’re trying to chill out indoors with your friends or family. Kids, teens, adults, and seniors, anyone can join in to experience collective musical fun. All you need to do is play all the songs on your playlist and keep them guessing until the end.

You can also try out variations of this game by using iconic dance moves to help the guessing process. The first team to get the song name and artist right receives the title.

Not So Newlyweds

not so newlyweds indoor game

The not so newlywed game is a fantastic way to keep your guests entertained at your next couple’s party. It is also perfect for any occasion where romantic duos get together to celebrate. In this game, the host asks a series of questions about anything from dating, engagement, and marriage to firsts, friends, and finance.

You can find thousands of questions online to shortlist some of the funniest, most informative, a little naughty, and best questions to ask.

Never Have I Ever

never have i ever indoor game

Never have I ever is one of the best indoor games if you’re looking for a fun way of getting to know some new friends. Usually played as a drinking game, you can also choose to play without alcohol. There is no better way to learn about someone from their past experiences, irrespective of how small or big they are.

Players sit around and take turns stating something they’ve done in life, starting with the phrase “never have I ever.” Any other players who have done the said action before have to take a shot, revealing exciting bits about their past.

Press Conference

press conference indoor game

Press Conference is a unique indoor game for adults that can be a fun experience for the whole family. Rules of the game suggest each player has to take turns holding a press conference as an unknown personality. The other players know the famous figure and make the player guess the correct name with questions.

If the player holding the press conference gets the name right before the time is over, they win. Taking a creative approach with the questions can add an even funnier element to this game.


pictionary indoor game

Pictionary is a world-famous drawing game where one player draws something, and the other team members have to guess what it is. Like playing charades with a drawing board, teams take turns and finish thinking in under a minute to score points.

You can add your twist to this game by introducing six categories and dice to make things more interesting. Even if you do not have Pictionary cards at home, you can easily DIY and customize them to suit your group.

Pop That Balloon

pop that balloon indoor game

Pop that balloon is one of the best indoor games for high-energy teens and kids to experience exhilarating fun. Before the game begins, you’ll need to arrange equal numbers of two differently colored balloons. It is like a relay race but with balloons instead of batons. Once the balloons are inflated and placed at a distance, we can begin.

One player from each team takes their place at the starting line. At go time, the players have to run to the balloons and burst one of their team colors with their hands, feet, or butt before they can run back and tag their partner to blast another. The team that bursts all its colors first wins.

React & Act

react and act indoor game

React and act is one of the funniest ice breaking indoor games for families and friends. According to the rules, one player randomly picks up a scenario from a hat and reacts to it using words, actions, and expressions. Other players have to guess what the situation could be before the stipulated time ends.

The situations can be related to anything but should be common enough to guess. Additionally, it is great fun watching people go through various facial expressions in such a short amount of time.

Reverse Charades

reverse charades indoor game

Who hasn’t played charades ever in their lives? Well, we all have. But, before you write off this gem from this list as traditional and boring, wait for the twist. The rules may be the same, but this time, the roles are reversed.

The rule flip allows for one guesser and multiple team members to act out the same suggestion. Just imagining the situation is enough to generate chuckles; imagine how much fun playing it would be.

Story Starters

story starters indoor games

Story Starters is a fantastic indoor game choice for hyper imaginative nerds and everyday gossip queens. The game begins with the first few lines of a fictional story which the players are supposed to keep going in turns.

The results can be hilarious and offer quite a surprising insight into the coauthors. You can mutually decide which team’s story was the best.

Two Truths & Lie

two truths and a lie indoor game

Two truths and a lie is a widely popular indoor game option for teenagers and new friends. If you are not familiar with the game, every player has to take turns stating three self-proclaimed statements.

As the name suggests, other players are supposed to figure out which two are true and false. The game also provides a quick peek into the wide-ranging variety of people around you and their perception of life.

Truth or Dare

truth or dare indoor game

Everyone knows what truth or dare is and how it is played. The best thing about this game is that you can control how wild or tame the game will be. If you have problems coming up with great dares or questions to ask, you can always take the help of the internet.

You can also add an element of randomness in the game with a spin-the-bottle twist to make it even more unpredictable and exciting. What a way to get to know friends!

Axe Throwing

axe throwing

Axe throwing is a trending indoor sport famous in any local axe throwing company in your area. A fan-favorite sport for warrior families, you can compete with your loved ones in a rage-fueled throwdown for the spot of the ultimate axe throwing champion.

You can also book a specially designed mobile axe throwing unit to experience this Viking sport under the sun. Let me assure you, axe throwing is just as exhilarating as it sounds and is easily the best indoor sport for adults to enjoy.