Best Apps Like Showbox – Top 10 Alternatives of 2024

Check out Showbox alternatives to stream latest movies. We've shortlisted some of the best apps like Showbox to watch movies online.


Everyone needs to distract themselves and cool off sometimes. And most of us prefer to do so by taking a short break from our work and other commitments to watch movies and TV shows. Moreover, since the pandemic consumed people’s lives and left us at home with nowhere to go, what could be a better Showbox alternatives to pass the time other than watching some feel-good movies and shows?

That’s what an app like Showbox did for many. It was an app that streamed hundreds of tv shows and movies in HD for free and was available for use on many platforms such as IOS, Android, and PC. The main source of this HD content was torrents.

Although the app had millions of users and supporters, it, unfortunately, stopped working, and the users were never given any information regarding whether or not the app will ever be making a comeback.

But lucky for us, numerous such applications exist that enable its users to stream movies and tv shows without the hassle of going through long processes to access them.

Best Alternative Apps Like Showbox

All in all, we’ve shortlisted some of the best apps like Showbox just for you. Thank us later! So, if you’re in for an interesting read, keep on scrolling for Showbox alternatives!


Stremio – being one of the best Showbox alternatives out there, enables you to watch movies, tv shows, live TV, and video channels from different services for free. Since it is an open-source application and has a source code available at, it is comparatively safer to use as compared to other applications and is also unrestricted. So, you probably won’t need to go through the hassle of using a VPN to access the site.

Stremio works in the same manner as Showbox – it uses several add-ons to stream content from networks like a torrent. The app also allows you to choose which add-on you’d like to stream your video on. There are several benefits of using Stremio, such as a simple installation process and the option of subtitles. However, creating an account is mandatory before using the service.

2Playbox HD

Playbox is another easy-to-use and interesting application that millions of users around the world use free of cost, which is why it makes a great alternate for Showbox. The app can be downloaded on IOS, Android, and PC. The layout of the app is also similar to that of Showbox, so you’ll hardly notice the difference between the two.

As the name suggests, Playbox HD offers plenty of HD content. So, it’s a guarantee you won’t have to worry about low-quality streams while using it. And if you have a fast and secure network, you can stream movies and tv shows all day long without the hassle of buffer and slow streaming. The only setback we found about Playbox is its lack of ability to sync across other devices.


If you loved Showbox – you’d adore Cinemabox! The app offers a huge library of Tv shows, movies, music videos, and cartoons for free. There are several features of the app that make the available content easy to stream and enjoy. The movies available at the site are in HD quality, and the app also has the ability to adjust the quality of the content up to your network speed. The only downside we noticed include the number of ads that some users find irritating.

4Pluto TV

One of our personal favorites – Pluto TV, has everything you could need for a cozy night in. The site, which works with IOS, Android, PS4, Amazon fireTV, Chromecast, and others, offers a library of movies, TV shows, live sports, and the latest news. What more could one ask for?

The mobile app for Pluto TV offers three resolutions: low, medium, and high. However, it’s unclear whether the resolution is 720p or less.  You may have to sit through an advertisement or two, but for a Showbox alternative, Pluto TV offers a great service.

5Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time has been around for a long time and is also known as the once-popular Netflix for piracy. The movies and tv shows platforms gained the support of many by enabling them to stream their favorite content without the hassle of sitting through unlimited ads.

The app works with Android, IOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux. It’s considered one of the best free streaming apps after Showbox as it finds only the best and high-quality versions of torrents, enabling you to binge-watch your favorite tv shows and movies all day long.


Crackle is a well-known free ad-supported streaming service owned by Sony. Although the service doesn’t offer a huge variety of movies and other content, the available content on the app is surely worth watching.

Moreover, the high-resolution content on Crackle doesn’t require a VPN or anything else to access it, which makes it an easy-to-use app application. Crackle also supports subtitles and saves your favorite movies, making it an excellent alternate to Showbox.


Kodi is a free and open-source media center app that works well with several operating systems such as Android, Windows, IOS, Linux, and more. The application’s User Interface is easy-to-use with many themes and fonts. Moreover, it has a great collection of movies, shows, and music.

Kodi also consists of around 900 add-ons. These add-ons enable you to switch your phone into a remote, watch live TV, jam to your favorite radio stations, and more. You might even forget about Showbox once you start to stream your favorite content on Kodi!

8Movie HD

If you’re someone who streams movies and shows online on free streaming services often, there’s no way you’re not aware of Movie HD. The platform has lately gained many fans for being one of the most reliable streaming services.

There are many quality streams available to help you stream the latest movies and tv shows in HD resolution. You can also find low-resolution content on the app if your network tends to be slow. Moreover, you can also download your favorite movies. However, we’d want you to keep other apps as backups as the app doesn’t have a huge collection of content.

9FreeFlix HQ APK

FreeFlix is a great alternate not only for Showbox but also for Netflix. It is an app that is available on android and enables you to stream and download a variety of movies and tv shows for free.

With the quantity and quality of the content available on FreeFlix, you’ll have trouble believing the app is free. But lucky for us, it is!

The application is also easy-to-use and is updated regularly to provide its users with new and engaging content every day.


TubiTV is considered one of the best live TV applications by many. And not only that, the application, with its interesting and easy-to-use user interface, offers a collection of more than 40,000 movies. The app is also updated weekly to provide its users with the latest content of new movies and tv shows.

The application is trusted by millions around the world, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy streaming your favorite content on TubiTV!

In conclusion, not everyone prefers to pay for services like Netflix or Amazon TV to access the content. But that doesn’t mean they should be deprived of quality content and entertainment, which is why we decided to list the best Showbox alternatives that also work in this year so you can binge-watch your favorite content all day long! We hope you find our list useful!