Behind the Wheel Blues? 6 Ways to Spend Less Time Driving

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Few people care to spend hours sitting in traffic or making stressful rush hour merges onto the freeway. With a bit of creativity and better time management, you can spend less time in traffic and more time doing what makes you happy. If the open road feels like an open wound, here are six ways you can spend less time driving.

1Ship it, don’t drive it

Ship your car instead of driving it if you’re traveling or even moving to a faraway locale. With a quality shipping company like this one, your vehicle will arrive safely and with fewer miles than if you drove it yourself. You can sit back and relax on a short plane ride while your vehicle rests in good hands.

A professional car shipping service reduces wear and tear on your vehicle and prevents potential damage from road debris and weather conditions. If you have to move more than one car, you can get the job done in one trip by shipping both vehicles on the same transport. If you’re looking to cut down your time behind the wheel, shipping your car is a no-brainer.

2Walk when you can

One way to spend less time behind the wheel is to walk to your destinations. Not everyone lives within walking distance to work or the grocery store, but if you’re fortunate enough to live near some of your local haunts, you can hit your daily step count without putting the pedal to the metal.

3Carpool as often as possible

If you must drive to and from work, consider carpooling as often as possible. Rather than going on your commute armed with your thoughts and a podcast, carpooling lets you spend time with other people relaxing and socializing. And, if you and your coworkers take turns driving, you’ll spend less time per month behind the wheel.

Many communities have carpooling resources where workers can meet up at a park-and-ride lot before carpooling to their final destinations. Carpooling also reduces fuel expenses and emissions, helping people maximize their budgets while helping reduce their carbon footprints.

4Make a change

Getting behind the wheel for a lengthy commute loses its novelty quickly. If you want to reduce your drive time, consider making a lifestyle change. You can reduce your commute by moving within walking distance to your workplace or finding a workplace closer to your home. Walking distance could mean that you move closer to a public transportation hub, too.

5Shop online or use delivery services

Another way to reduce your driving time is to change the way you shop. By shopping online, goods come to you, and you can meet your needs without burning rubber.

To help your local community, use local stores with shipping options rather than massive online stores. Some local stores offer delivery within mileage perimeters, so you don’t even have to leave your front stoop if you don’t want to. When you choose local delivery options, you support local businesses and the employees who bring your orders to your home.

6Talk to your employer

If you have a job that you can do from home, ask your employer to work from home once or twice per week. Consider that working from home once per week reduces your commuting time by twenty percent. That might be just enough to make a difference in your life and your mental health.

Wrap up

Spending less time driving involves creative solutions like talking to your employer, walking when you can, and using local delivery services. Taking care of your health matters, so do what you can to turn on your autopilot more often.