Awesome Destinations to Teach English Abroad Without a Bachelor’s Degree


Many young people dream of traveling around the world, but they do not have enough money for that. Teaching abroad can be a good option. Just imagine, you get paid to live in a foreign country, interact with local children playing and teaching them. Children will use your knowledge for a lifetime, plus you get paid for your work.

Many students have doubts if they are enough experienced and qualified for teaching abroad. You must understand that every country asks for different qualifications. If you have a real desire to teach overseas, nothing will stop you, even the lack of a Bachelor degree!

In order to apply for a job abroad, you will need to write a cover letter, why exactly you want to do this job. If you feel stressed in writing such content, you can get help online at writing companies offering such services. Many users have doubts about which one to choose. If you have such questions as “is Papersowl trustworthy?” then read the numerous reviews available online. It is worth it!

If you want to teach English in a foreign country, you must have some teaching experience or specialized training. It is highly recommended to get the certificate, which is called Teach English as a Foreign Language or TEFL. Almost all respectful school ask applicants to show their TEFL certification. This certificate will replace your Bachelor degree. Once you have a TEFL certification, the only barrier is visa restrictions. Below you will find a listing of great places where you can work as a teacher.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain is one of the most beautiful and sunniest countries. It has a fascinating culture and relaxed lifestyle, which is based on siestas. Spain offers international English teachers a lot of opportunities. You can work as a private tutor, teach in private language schools, public schools, summer language camps, public schools, etc. To have a Bachelor degree is not the obligation once you are TEFL certified.

If you have to choose the city in Spain, consider teaching in Barcelona because you will b put in the cultural heart of Spain. You will enjoy working and entertaining in Spain, which has one of the most delicious cuisines and sightseeing.

Hamburg, Germany

Students who want to explore Western culture, then choose Hamburg! Many German schools don’t require international English teachers to have a Bachelor degree. The only difficulty here is that you will need a work permit visa. You can get permission once you have signed a job contract. You will have to pass an interview with your future employer in person, so the teacher must go to Germany, pass the interview, get a job offer, and apply for a work permit visa.

Working as a teacher in Hamburg is worth it because it is a gorgeous city with a big port. It has beautiful canals, which cross all the city. It is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe with friendly and polite people! Hamburg is famous for its great festivals and super tasty food and beer.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is a bright capital of Mexico! It is a vibrant and modern city. Its cultural heritage deserves special attention. You will be amazed to see a thirteenth-century Aztec temple, which is known as the Templo Mayor, and many other ancient ruins. The authentic street tacos will make you fall in love. Besides, the cost of living is quite low. All these points earn Mexico City to be the right place for teaching English.

The market for international teachers is enormous in Mexico City. The government allows foreign teachers who are TEFL certification to teach in this country legally. Note that such teaching jobs do not include housing, but with your salary, you will afford a comfortable place to live.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

South America countries are very open to giving jobs to foreign English teachers without a Bachelor degree. To get a job offer, you will not have to pass the in-person interview. In Argentina, you can have a phone or Skype interview. It is very possible to get a signed contract before you travel to Argentina.

Buenos Aires is the capital city, which is one of the most modern and attractive cities with rich culture. Most the expats feel home here. There are many exciting places to explore starting from Teatro Colón, and finishing with a fantastic opera house. Bachelor degrees are not an obligation. TEFL certification is enough. Wages are typically reasonable, and you will live comfortably.


Are you inspired enough to give it a try and find a job as an English teacher in a foreign country? It’s normal to feel nervous about such a significant move. Just be confident that you have good potential to be a respectful teacher in many countries around the world. With a TEFL certification, many doors will be open in front of your personality and talent of teaching English.