A Quick Guide to Post-MBA Career Paths


MBA programs help foster business relationships and gain insights for building a prospective long-term career plan. Improving the skill-set to meet the industry requirements is invaluable to every industry.

Post-MBA Career Options

This blog will act as a quick guide to some of the career options that you can avail after pursuing a master’s in business administration.

1Business consultant

A business consultant is responsible for improvising the business operations to increase efficiency and determine the suitable marketing technique for the organization. Business consultants can provide valuable insights to your company, which is why many businesses turn to one for their admissions consulting needs. They must constantly work on strategic planning and problem-solving techniques to design marketing and investment plans and to generate business proposals.

2Chief executive officer

CEO is the highest-ranking and primary think tank for developing the business idea. They are responsible for the overall success of the business organisation by securing funds and fostering a sense of confidence among other employees.

3General business managers

General business managers oversee daily business operations by developing and implementing growth strategies. They train the employees by evaluating their performance and identify growth opportunities to hire the right skills.

4Financial managers

They are responsible for maintaining the financial health of the organization. They forecast the future trends and projections of the organization. They analyze costs, sales results, and the company’s performance equated to the business plans.

5Budget analysts

Budget analysts plan the budget to ensure systematic organizational spending and monitor the availability of funds to estimate future financial needs. They structure the funding plans in compliance with laws and regulations.

6Financial risk analyst

They identify the potential risk threatening the financial position of the organization. They keep a track record of developments in the economy and perform financial assessments to identify any repercussions for their clients.

7Equity analyst

The experts in this domain analyze security performance to provide investment advice. They forecast and develop projections by monitoring industry trends and prepare annual reports.

8Cost accountant

Cost accountants analyze findings and classify costs accurately by generating PPV reports to establish the standard costs. They analyze costs of supplies including the raw material to create cost-benefit analysis for updating vendor lists.

9Economic researcher

Economist or economic researchers are responsible for analyzing economic issues by collecting the relevant data. Economists are hired by government, business ventures, and individuals to advise on economic topics and to recommend profitable solutions.

10Marketing research analyst

They gather data about competitors to study market conditions and examine the potential sales. They use statistical software to convert complex data and findings into understandable graphs and tables.

11Credit analysts

Credit analysts analyze the financial statements to identify the discrepancies and variances in credit files. They assess the overall credit requests for refinancing diligence to prepare models supporting the analysis of credit applications.

12Financial analysts

They analyze the financial data to create models for decision support and recommend techniques for comparative analyses. Financial analysts coordinate with clients to ensure accurate financial reporting.

13Management analyst

They evaluate and analyze operating procedures to make necessary recommendations by proposing ways to improve an organization’s efficiency by altering the process. They look for alternative ways to reduce costs and increase revenue.

With a master’s degree in business administration, you would be able to evaluate and analyze the operating procedures to make necessary recommendations. MBA eligibility criteria are also very easy to crack as more and more students are interested in pursuing a career with business administration programs.