How to Write a Great Blog Post – The Only Guide You Will Ever Need


We often come across terms such as – great blogging is directly associated with successful marketing. In light of that, one thing that clearly appears is every content you create, including blog posts, images, infographics, and videos must be developed with a sole purpose to support your business.

In the third world countries where startups are emerging with the speed of light, the requirements of marketing (both online and offline) have also begun to spawn. Being a prominent hub of IT and all types of startups, SEO companies in Singapore are all the rage now. Undoubtedly, it’s apparent the amount of increasing competition ignites a demand for standing out in businesses.

Since offline branding is expensive, online marketing is the only feasible way companies seek out for in today’s scenario. And blogging is one of the most crucial parts of any kind of online marketing. Indeed, it is the most powerful one too. And here’s how to write a blog:

Start with Understanding Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is crucial. A good salesman may sell a Ferrari to a blind person but be sure that he won’t be able to find so many blind people during his journey. Hence, it’s better to find out who would love to own that Ferrari without much hustle. And that’s the seed of a good blogging strategy – understanding your audience. If your firm deals in different kinds of products or services, then make sure to create user personas and write one time specifically for one persona and so on.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Good Title

Once you made customer personas and selected a cool topic to pitch them with, everything that remains now is to start your blog with a stunning title. Remember, good titles are magical. They can create a difference between getting your blog post read thoroughly or not getting noticed at all. Some of the popular titles that work today are – list-based, curated collection, how-to guides, questions, a do not title to develop a little fear, and the evergreen one – the ‘ultimate’ guide.

Start with a Compelling Introduction

You must have heard the phrase – “The first impression is always the last impression.” The term stands true for blogging too. A dull and otherwise boring start is dreadful for writers and frightening for the reader. Plan to bind attention from the very first word you wrote. One great way is commencing with a funny tone and make the first paragraph an introduction of the entire post, giving info on how beneficial it will be for the user to go through it with utmost consciousness.

The Body and the Closure

Similarly, like a movie, set your reader on an adventure. In his very heart and conscience, ignite a will to reach till the climax. And for that, you need to draw a perfect outline for your blog and add the factors of awe, motivation, usefulness, and fun so the onlooker flows through all the ups and downs and makes up his/her mind to devour it as a whole. The closure should calm, slow, smooth, and a conclusion of all the ideas you have conveyed all along.

They say that “You can make anything by writing.” But when they say that they are often babbling about fiction. When you step into the real world, see all the customers with a short ‘attention span’ around, you understand writing is a lot more than just ‘making’. It about selling, winning attention, converting prospects, and creating a line of loyalists who would like to go with your brand, no matter what. If you master that, you will master the art of blogging.