3 Ways to Keep Warm in Winter at Home


Now winter is here, most people will turn their central heating systems on and use it daily until April or May. However, it’s important to use this energy mindfully because not only does it affect the environment, excessive home heating and cooling can also place a big dent in your bank account.

Most of the energy used in residential home is dedicated to heating and cooling. Particularly if your house is older or hasn’t been properly insulated, the warm air inside can easily creep through the cracks and vice-versa with cold air coming in from the outside. The winter can feel long and heavy, so you’ll want your home to be comfortable and warm at all times to retreat from the cold weather.

Many of us can’t afford to keep the heater on full-blast at all times. Here are three simple tips to warm your home throughout the winter.

Replace Old Windows and Doors

It might sound like a big project at first, but it’s an investment that you’ll never regret. Work with a manufacturing company that offers energy efficient window installation and expert advice on how to optimize your home with proper installation.

Older windows and doors will accumulate wear and tear over the years, and their seals can break. This creates drafts and it becomes much easier for warm air to leak outside, and it damages the energy efficiency of your home.

You’ll find that your utility bills are higher because you’ll be cranking up that thermostat without even realizing it.

With the right installation company who can apply expertise and customized techniques, you’ll lower your energy costs in no time.

Find a company that features Warm Edge Spacer and Super Spacer™ technology when they install your windows. This blocks the heat escape path and provides the best thermal performance in the industry.

Use Timers on Your Central Heating System

It’s a great idea to program your heating system to turn on about 30 minutes before you get up in the morning. Do this at a lower temperature and it will be cheaper than turning it on just as you need it a higher temperature.

This is because a furnace heats up at a steady speed whether you set it to 20°C or 30°C. Don’t make the common mistake of keeping the heat on low all day — then you’re just paying for heat when you don’t need it.

Utilize Your Curtains

Heat from the sun is absolutely free and readily available, so make the most of it. Open your curtains all day to soak up the natural rays.

As it gets darker, shut the curtains to create an extra layer of insulation and keep your rooms nice and warm.

Unless you’re a winter sports athlete or one of the few people in the world who love the cold weather, winter can feel long and isolating. The best part about the season is coming home to a cozy home.

Make sure you winterize your home this year so you can keep warm and hibernate properly all season long!