Knowing When You’ve Found the Right Rental Home


A well-maintained rental property in a nice location is a place that you can call home for many years. On the flipside, a poorly-maintained property in an undesirable location is liable to facilitate tremendous renter’s remorse. So, when seeking out the right rental home, it behooves you to put in some effort. Hastily entering leasing agreements can prove both financially ruinous and detrimental to your quality of life. As such, anyone currently on the hunt for the right rental home should take the following factors into account.

Good Location

It isn’t difficult to see why so many real estate professionals place massive importance on location. In fact, it’s no stretch of the imagination to say that the location of a property is often more important than any amenities the property has to offer. Needless to say, it’s in your best interest to thoroughly research the location of any rental homes you have your eye on. Native Texans and Lonestar State transplants in the market for a good rental home should scope out the attractive houses for rent in Georgetown, TX.

When conducting this research, there are a number of key factors you’ll need to consider. For starters, there’s proximity to your place of business, favorite centers of commerce and various local haunts. Even if a rental home has a lot of the qualities you’re looking for, does this justify a lengthy commute and having to drive long distances to run basic errands? Secondly, you’ll need to consider the general safety of the area. If the location in question has crime rates, you may not even feel safe in your own home, regardless of how nice that home happens to be. Additionally, renters with children may want to take the school district in which the home is located into account.

Affordable Rent

Before committing to a rental home, take some time to consider how easy – or how difficult – keeping up with the monthly rent is liable to prove. If the rent is on the expensive side, think about how this stands to impact your finances each month. After all, if the majority of your income is going towards rent, it stands to reason that you won’t have much left over for other basic necessities. With this in mind, sit down and calculate your monthly living expenses. Should you discover that the rent on a certain home will place a considerable strain on your finances, it may be a good idea to turn your attention to other properties.

You should also research rental rates in the area before committing to a lease. If you find that similar local properties have far more affordable rents than the home you’re looking at, taking your business elsewhere may be the wisest course of action.

Dependable Landlord

It’s not difficult to see why landlords get such a bad rap. For one thing, most people instinctively hold people to whom they pay a sizable portion of their monthly income in low regard. Furthermore, many landlords are less than obliging when it comes to processing maintenance requests and addressing tenants’ needs and grievances. Unsurprisingly, getting stuck in a lease agreement with a lazy, unobliging or dishonest landlord can cause you considerable stress.

To help ensure that you don’t wind up with a bad landlord, do some research on every property owner you’re thinking about renting from. With the help of a good search engine, you should be able to find helpful reviews of a landlord’s properties and assessments of their business practices with a few simple clicks. Make sure to pay special attention to reviews from former tenants, as they can provide valuable insight into a landlord’s approach to property management and tenant relations. If the feedback you find on a certain landlord is overwhelmingly negative, it may be in your best interest to rethink renting from them.

A good rental home can serve as a comfortable residence for years to come. Conversely, a rental home that leaves a lot to be desired is liable to cause you a multitude of headaches and make you feel consistently inconvenienced. That being the case, make a point of exercising discernment and putting in some research the next time you find yourself in search of a new rental home. In your quest to find the ideal rental, remember to consider the factors outlined above.