Where is the Electronic Pressure Regulator Valve Used?

electronic pressure regulator valve

In the past few years, pressure regulators have gained a lot of popularity. They are more flexible and have extra robustness than the previous devices. That’s why they are most widely used to control the pressure in pneumatic or hydraulic systems. They came in various types and sizes to fulfil the needs of all the users. The accuracy and the stability the user wants to achieve depends upon the type and the design of the digital pressure regulator.

How do Electronic Air Pressure Regulators Work?

Electronic pneumatic regulator uses a push and a vent valve to maintain the output pressure according to a desired value set by the user. In it, a pressure sensor detects the inlet pressure and sends that information to the controller. With the help of this information the controller determines the series of actions it has to perform to reduce and sustain a constant pressure. This is a brief  working of a pressure regulator.

Uses of Electronic Pressure Regulator

A proportional pressure regulator is used at various places, and some of the most common are listed below:

1Manufacturing Industry

The most common place of use for the electronic pressure regulator valve is the manufacturing industry. In this type of industry, many processes have to take place to make the final product. The workers have to maintain a specific pressure to run different equipment as per the need of the process. Before the electronic pressure regulators, it was a very complex thing to achieve the right pressure with the mechanical regulators. They require a person to see the pressure gauge after rotating the knob of the regulator so that the right pressure can be obtained.

2Medical Applications

In medical equipment or applications, digital air pressure regulators are used to regulate the supply of the oxygen and other gases for the treatment of the patients. If the value of the oxygen or the other gases will vary then it can cause dangerous loss. That’s why electronic pressure regulator valves are the essential parts of medical equipment. They ensure accuracy but they require proper check up because the extreme use can become the reason for failure of the regulator.


Mostly, they are used to do the packaging of consumer goods. In manufacturing industries goods are created with a fast speed. Meanwhile, they require a quick way for the packaging of the products so the air regulated machines are used to pack the products with an optimum speed and accuracy.

4Leakage Testing

Electronic pressure regulator valves are used to test the leakage in the pipes and in the machines. For instance, if we have a leakage in the pipes of the Air conditioner then it will not work properly. To test the leakage you can use the pressure regulator by flowing the pressure in the pipes. In this way, the place of the leakage will be identified by the loss of the pressure and you will hear the noise of the air or gas going out from the pipe.

Final Words

An electronic pressure regulator valve is a very useful tool that can be used at various places to operate different machines by providing the required pressure efficiently.