6 Basic Rules of Time Management

time management

Organization Skills or How to Take Everything Under Control

Everyone wants to do as many things as possible in a day. Most of our daily time is taken up by work, and then by household chores. How to keep up with all this? The wedding planner immediately comes to mind. How do they manage to keep everything in mind, carry with deadlines? Everyone wants a lavish wedding like Grace Kelly’s. So what is their secret to managing all units on time? To do this, you need to know several techniques and turn them into your own habits. And the most important technique is time management.

6 Basic Rules for Better Time Management

You should definitely start organizing your working time. For many, time management is no longer a secret and has become a lifesaver  So how will you master this skill?

1Set the goal correctly

You need to properly assess your capabilities for this period. The goal should be real and as detailed as possible. Also, determine the value system and do not deviate from it.

2Plan your actions

How to plan actions: write down long-term plans with time intervals on paper or electronically.

3Set your priorities

There is an excellent method of how to properly paint your business: you need to divide the sheet into 4 parts. In the upper-right part, you need to write important urgent matters. On the left, there are important things that can wait. In the right lower not important and non-urgent, in the left — unimportant and non-urgent. It becomes clear immediately, what to do in the first place.

4Don’t get distracted from what’s important

Time management is not the science of how to do more, but about spending time on the right and important things. Try to delegate authority, allow yourself to be distracted for a short time by SMS, but also be able to say no to unnecessary things.

5Automate your actions

Listen to your own body, to its biorhythms. If you are an owl, there is no point in going to work by 9 — you will not be of any use anyway. It is better to get a good night’s sleep and move the main work to the second half of the day — this will be more effective. Another good option to make your life easier is to simplify certain routine actions. The bottom line is that the brain gets used to repetitive actions and executes commands faster, as if automatically.


You will get tired of working all the time. Constantly thinking about work, spending all the time on it — isn’t good too. Therefore, rest is not a wasted time. It is not for nothing that they say: who has a good rest, he works well.

By following these tips and rules, always analyze how much more convenient it has become to work. Think about how much time you lost in the past, remember your most epic miscalculation and tell yourself what you would do in this situation now. At the same time, focus on your biorhythms, personal qualities, and habits. Find a balance between convenience and compliance with the rules of time management.