What Next After ITIL® Foundation Certification Course?

ITIL certification

The creative techniques of ITIL have given a large platform to the IT enthusiasts who are eager to showcase their technical skills. The ITIL framework, also famous for Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a step to make a business flourish using the best practices of ITIL. The role of Information Technology Service Management is to make sure that the services delivered are following a customer’s requirement.

So, this is when the ITIL® Foundation certification course comes into consideration. This new approach has gained momentum since the time the UK Government started it. Therefore, after its introduction, there have been seen many actual implementations in the field of IT. The ITIL exam opens several doors for the people who are willing to shape their career as IT personnel.

Hence, preparing for an ITIL exam and qualifying it will be your first step to be known as an ITIL 4 Foundation certified. If you are serious about making a profession in this field, then you might be aware of the term ATO. Well, ATO also abbreviated Accredited Training Organizations are the licensed institutes that guide as well as to conduct this examination.

Before knowing the scope of ITIL exam, let us through some light on its key features. Have a look!

  • The eligibility for this exam is nothing but only your interest in the field of IT Service Management (ITSM).
  • Then the candidates are required to pass this exam by scoring 65% of the marks.
  • Also, you have the option to give the ITIL exam online through some institution.
  • For this, the official website of Axelos will be beneficial for you to explore numerous ATOs available all around the world.

Various Streams of ITIL Foundation Courses

To start with, you all might be curious about knowing the scope of this examination. Well, if you are wondering about the essential information related to foundation courses, then you are in the right place. Firstly, an IT enthusiast must know everything about the concept, elements, and the terminology of the ITIL lifecycle. Yes, the ITIL lifecycle plays an essential role in building your career. And the ITIL Foundation Certification course emphasizes all the areas of the ITIL Service Lifecycle. It includes the Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement.

  • You need to accelerate your skills by moving step by step by step from all the phases that include practitioner, intermediate, expert, and master.
  • One can step on to the intermediate level by grabbing the service management positions.
  • All this needs your dedicated efforts, along with excellent skills and competence.
  • The intermediate courses are further divided into two streams consisting of lifecycle and capability.

The Lifecycle Stream

If you are looking for IT Service Management implementation, then the lifecycle courses are best for you. To become an ITIL Expert, go for this certification and understand all the lifecycle stages well along with their main principles, implementation, and challenges. So, the lifecycle stream revolves around the execution, process relation, roles, and implementation of the Service Lifecycle. Certification in the service lifecycle is helpful for people willing to do Information Technology Service Management.

Moreover, the managers, CTOs, supervisory staff, CIOs, planners, designers, architects, team leaders, IT consultants, IT security managers, and IT audit managers, etc. are your target audience. The target audience also includes ITSM trainers who are responsible for ongoing coordination, activities, management, and integration of everything related to the Service Lifecycle.

The Capability Stream

On the other hand, the capability courses are for them who are willing to work in daily process activities. This stream consists of 4 certifications and those are SOA (Service Offerings and Agreements), PPO (Planning, Protection, and Optimization), and RCV (Release, Control and Validation, and OSA (Operational Support and Analysis). For the betterment of the existing processes, the capability stream comes into action. It involves a detailed understanding of all the activities, inputs, outputs, metrics, and concepts of every related process.

So, the target audience for this stream includes business managers and business process owners. Along with this, the operational staff in demand management, service catalog management, service portfolio management, financial management, business relationship management, service level management, and supplier management.

ITIL Practitioner Course

One needs to have an ITIL® Practitioner Certification course for moving towards the practitioner stream. The increase in the number of organizations that provide a successful profession to an individual is made possible due to the evolving techniques of ITIL®. So, the Practitioner Certification will prove to be a stepping stone in the process of becoming an IT master.

Therefore, all you need is to do your prep for this exam. Many centers around you provide foundational knowledge on the concept of IT services and management. So, one can surely boost their service practices by becoming an ITIL practitioner.

ITIL Expert

The course called Managing across the Lifecycle (MALC) will consider an individual a qualified expert in this field. All the previous courses open doors for this certification as it is a collection of the lifecycle approach along with capabilities and processes which altogether implement service management.

The ITIL certifications will take you on heights in your career. There all you need is first to acquire ITIL Foundations. ITIL training is essential will provide you innovative skills in IT service management. By adopting the best practices, your company can achieve enormous profits along with meeting the needs of your customers.

Benefits of ITIL Foundation Courses

  • The ITIL framework builds the It functioning of an organization in a most effective manner. From professionals in the mid-levels of management to the senior levels, all are highly benefited with the ITIL certifications.
  • If you are in the business sector but have plans for moving to an IT service company, then don’t worry. These foundation courses are there for you to deal with such a situation.
  • It is also helpful for professionals who are in IT services, including consultants, management, beginners, and expert professionals in the IT sector.
  • The gain in foundation certification comes with a lot of advantages. It provides sufficient knowledge to an individual for establishing a profitable IT profession.
  • One can implement the IT Service framework in an organization to achieve targets as a result of which gain maximum profits.

In addition to this, the certification makes you such IT personnel who can understand and speak the universal language that only a typical IT professional will understand and that too worldwide. So, go for these foundation courses to create an adequate understanding of the IT staff, users, contractors, and suppliers within an organization. Once you can achieve their desired IT jobs in any corner of the world by taking advantage of the ITIL foundation course.