Holiday Marketing: 7 Ways to Frame Engaging Emails


With every business nearly dependent on email marketing, the personalization of email is getting complicated due to disinterested readers. As a fact, a brand using re-engagement emails to target their promotions doesn’t reach the common element, thus making the efforts lacklustre. So, to win back customers who have gone quiet, we need to take a look at the different techniques to re-engage inactive subscribers and effectively create personalized emails.

Let’s get to know and explore seven ways to frame engaging emails and create an impact in personalizing emails –

Insert More Than Just Their Name

Inserting your customer’s name is entirely a novel way to personalize emails as it is quick and also tempting to read. Showcasing your customer’s name in the subject line and personalizing an email by addressing the customer’s whereabouts can increase clickthrough rates over the control email.

Having a tailored content can go a long way as it gives a sense of connection to each subscriber you want to keep and is not at all complicated. Just avoid generic messaging and “talk” more directly to your subscribers and make them feel connected. Let the font size be legible with lots of line breaks and even keep the sentences short and on point.

Create segments of dynamic countdown based on engagement levels

With email, personalization takes efforts on email list segmentation. It is one of the most effective email marketing strategies that tailor messages and content to fit your consumer’s requirements in the buying cycle to develop a unique relationship with your brand. Some companies even categorize customers based on their engagement level and reward for their ongoing support. 

Involving incentives based on timings to engage your customers, whether through a promotion, coupon, or special deal can help catch readers’ eyes and instil a bit of urgency. Offering incentives requires some common sense, experimentation, and metrics where you need to experiment with time frames and run an A/B test.

Provide Recommendations

Help your consumers by recommending authenticated brands and product options based on their past purchases. These recommendations can be personalized and can increase CTR at a tremendous rate. As there are different points in the buying cycle, implementing a personalized recommendation email can cast a wide enough net to catch someone’s attention. Based on browsing history, you can send product recommendations before they’ve initiated a browsing session and personalize their emails in their interest. 

Acknowledging Engagement across All Channels, Online and Offline

Companies need to put in efforts to diversify their marketing channels other than concentrating only on regular marketing emails. Email isn’t the only place a user sees, so you need to interact and make your presence felt both online as well as offline platforms. It would help if you started tracking your consumers on other channels and then tailor your email marketing strategies based on campaigns, products, or offers that they have seen or showed interest in outside of email. 

Include social sharing options on your emails to get a higher clickthrough rate. Users may find it convenient to forward the message to a friend or colleague and follow your brand on the major social networks.

Don’t Be Creepy or Pushy in framing your email

While writing and sharing information about your brand products and services communicate the experience that is relevant to them. Share information that is tailored made according to their preferences. Personalize the email marketing strategy sparingly it might backfire you as nobody wants to feel like his/her every move is being watched or tracked. 

Don’t push your limits and throw too many personalized variables into a single email as email marketing is a proactive tactic as opposed to the more passive ones. Give some scope for subscribers to interact with your brand again instead of trying to be desperate, pushy, and taking an over-the-top approach.

Using Different Types of Emails to Increase Engagement

As you all know, one size does not fit all, and it applies to email marketing too. Email campaign services list out some ways to mix and match the types of messages you send to your consumers. You can use a special welcome email to create an excellent first impression on your newly built customer. As part of some promotion, you can offer a gift or coupon to every new subscriber, and this will increase the engagement of the subscriber for your brand. Different types of emails, specifically sharing corporate membership plans or complimentary products, can also make a big difference in the email marketing results. 

Be sure you adhere to the rules in the countries you send as trigger-based emails are related to the subscriber’s actions and can be sent out automatically, based on important or timely events. Thus, subscribers may feel valued and increase the probability of interaction with the email – and with your brand.

Remove Distractions and focus on the Call to Action

Lastly, it is essential to consider the objective of any email sent because the copy of the email is required to be written around the objective. It helps companies to easily follow the goals and take an appropriate call to action. Having an outlined or coloured box with a link can increase clickthrough rates and get an analysis of the number of unsubscribes divided by the number of messages delivered. Even hiring campaign services can hold the subscribers’ interest in the long run and help to function and coordinate with subscribers appropriately.

Thus, with moving past the basics of email marketing and making the transition from the traditional desktop environment to mobile devices in a smart way you need to consider making sure your email’s design looks good and accommodates your reader’s preferences. Ultimately you will be able to create some amazingly effective email marketing for your setup and optimize more successful & more profitable email campaigns.

About Author

Chris is the Director of InboxArmy an e-commerce email marketing agency that specializes in providing email marketing services from production to deployment. He has worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, nonprofits, SMBs and government bodies in all facets of their email marketing services and email campaign management programs since almost 2 decades. Chris’s success track record covers building email programs at competitive email marketing pricing and using data-driven strategies to turn around underperforming accounts.