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Covid 19 Coronavirus

Waking up with the news reports that state the number of people getting infected through the COVID-19 outbreak and the efforts of the healthcare system of every country to combat against its poisonous effect, there are also some hidden signs that shows there is a great room for improvement that the healthcare system around the world needs to research and adopt.

The uncertain situation that has fallen in the lap of the world demanded the digitization in the healthcare industry which can help the doctors remain in the safer zone while the patients can get the quality services on-time remaining in the place they are currently in.

Well, the wave of change is seen, as people are getting more aware of the availability of the healthcare and Telemedicine apps in the market, there is a sudden surge for more such applications and a great increase in the revenue and downloads of the existing application.

With the people shifting from traditional healthcare procedures to digitized healthcare processes, below are some virtual healthcare apps that are seeing its greatest success with some facts. It’s the best opportunity for business owners to invest in virtual healthcare apps development.

List of profit-making virtual healthcare apps


Maple is an excellent web-based telehealth platform headquartered in Toronto. The app enables the users to connect virtually with the licensed doctors in Canada through video calls, phone, and email.

With its 24/7 availability of physicians, physiatrist, and dermatologists, it makes it easier for the people to get themselves treated at any hour of the day. Its different pricing models which include pay-per-visit, membership models and credit-based models makes it affordable for the people to use this app on a daily basis.

In its effort to make healthcare facilities easily available for its people, it has solved the biggest challenge of the Canadian healthcare industry by reducing the waiting time.

Talking about the business that it made, Maple has generated revenue of $5M and got an Equity for $14.5M in its funding round in Sep 2019. With the sudden outbreak in the country and the position of lockdown, there is a huge elevation in the download graph of Maple increasing its popularity among the people.


Akira, a mobile-based telehealth application for iOS and Android is estimated to have an annual revenue of $2.8M. The application like every other telemedicine app provides the feature of video call and instant connection with the registered doctors.

The best service provided by this application is the availability of some extraordinary physiatrist that helps people with mental health issues by connecting to them as and when needed.

The application helps people to solve their healthcare-related issues like mild cold and cough, mental health, skin concerns, UTI, sinus, travel infections by triggering a chat through this application and sharing their concerns with the respective doctors.

Looking at the app ratings of the application that are 4.9/5 on the app store and 4.8/5 on the play store, helps us understand the app value in the market which leads many companies in the Ontario tech market to offer Akira as one of the employee benefits.

3Babylon: NHS Healthcare 24/7

Using the advancement in technology like AI and natural language processing, Babylon application has taken the Telemedicine app development to the next level. With its AI-enabled symptom checker, the app has the ability to analyze thousands of symptoms in seconds.

The symptom checker is connected to a huge database that stores symptoms and basic cures for the thousands of diseases that can be diagnosed virtually. This chatbot asks some practical questions to the patient to figure out the cause and would suggest the patient what should be done before connecting them to doctors.

With the funding of $635M, Babylon is establishing its name in the good books of many doctors and users who say that Babylon app and its features are most easy to use and can solve all users’ requests before the end of the consultation.


Lemonaid is a text-based telemedicine application that helps people to get themselves treated easily. All that the user needs to do is answer some simple healthcare questions that the app asks, these answers will be reviewed by the doctors registered on the application who would then prescribe the patient with the needed medicines.

The app also gives the facility where it delivers the patient’s prescription to its nearest registered pharmacy store which makes it easy for the user to get there and collect their medicines. With the app being available in more than 14 states has raised the funding of $11 million in its Series A while its latest investment leverages companies total capital to $20 million.

With a 4.5/5 user rating, the app has developed a good repo among the people with some exceptional reviews and best usage of the algorithm-powered texting in its functioning.

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5Writi – Virtual Healthcare solution

Looking at the current market of Telemedicine application and the need of the time where people all around are facing a critical situation of social distancing due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a virtual healthcare solution is what can bring some relief to the healthcare system of the country.

With more and more cases getting registered from the Long-term-care homes and the numbers that show the risk that the doctors and nurses are taking by getting in the direct contact of the infected patients calls for the adoption of a complete solution for the healthcare system.

Writi is one such power-packed virtual healthcare solution that can make the healthcare process efficient and safer, especially for the elderly people living in the Long-term-care home.

This package of virtual solutions is actually a web-app that helps DOC, physicians, nurses, and pharmacists to give connected care to the residents in the LTC homes. With the excellent UI that allows the DOC to keep track of everyone’s work while assigning the task to the nurses makes it easy for them to work from home.

Here the nurse can visit each resident virtually and update their healthcare files through the app. It also allows the nurse to schedule the patient’s appointment with the respective physician to take the regular round and check the patient. The physician then takes a video call, talks to the patient, treats them virtually and if needed prescribes the medicine that would be directly e-fax to the registered pharmacist to get them delivered to the respective patient in LTC.

This smart virtual solution is designed using high tech technologies and can thus make the quality healthcare available to the patient at any time of the day, also keeping both the doctors and the patient at their safe spaces.

Summing Up

Being far-sighted and analyzing the changing habits of the people to get the quality healthcare facilities, it is the best time for the business owners to get their hands into the healthcare app development. Looking at the statistics, the amount of funding that this app received and the increasing craze of the people to get themselves treated virtually have open doors for many innovations in the healthcare industry.

So, business owners, if you are looking for a profit-making investment to be made in the time of lockdown, developing a telemedicine app can bring you a huge amount of bucks, as virtual healthcare is surely a future of the healthcare industry, especially after this COVID-19 outbreak.

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Parth Patel is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of SyS Creations – top IT Management and Consulting firm. He has been serving in Canadian healthcare industry for more than 7 years. Along with his team, Parth Patel has earned expertise to brilliantly develop telehealth app in Ontario and even developed a virtual healthcare solution for long-term care homes.