Types of Bulbs Used in Kitchen Appliances

kitchen bulbs

Various kitchen appliances like the oven, microwave, refrigerator, and dryer are fitted with light bulbs. The bulbs in most instances light up when we open the doors of some of these appliances or when we switch them on. Depending on the amount of heat inside the appliance, different manufacturers have different bulbs fitted in these items. They not only vary in size but also in the compounds within them and the material used outside. Here are the most common bulbs in your kitchen appliances.

Halogen light bulb

As the name suggests, this bulb contains the halogen gas which helps it last longer than other bulbs. On top of having a longer life, these bulbs have very good light quality. This is due to a concept known as the halogen cycle. You may have noticed that the light in some of your appliances reduces over time. This is because of a component known as tungsten, which coats the glass of the bulb after burning for a while.

However, in halogen light bulbs, the halogen gas reacts with this compound, preventing the black coat from forming. During this chemical reaction, bits of tungsten return to the filament, hence, enhancing the lighting of the bulb. This means you will use this bulb longer than other bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs

This, too, has a tungsten filament that produces light when heated up. However, unlike the halogen bulb, the incandescent bulb depends on an electric current to light up. These bulbs are fitted with glass at the base to make it airtight. It also contains an inert gas that prevents the filament from evaporating when burning. However, these bulbs have a short life compared to the halogen bulbs.

At the same time, a lot of heat must be produced for the bulb to light up. Therefore, a lot of heat is lost in the process and the quality of light is lower than that of a halogen bulb. If you notice that the light in your refrigerator dims after a while, it is likely that you have an incandescent bulb.

Compact fluorescent lamps

The last type of bulbs used in kitchen appliances is the compact fluorescent bulb. This bulb works differently from the incandescent bulbs and is made up of a different material. To produce light, the bulb depends on an electric current that passes through a tube-like structure within the bulb.

Inside this tube, the current interacts with mercury and argon. Once this interaction occurs, an ultraviolet light is produced, which lights up a coating called phosphor, hence, producing light. These bulbs are quickly fading off and being replaced by the other two that we discussed above. However, if your kitchen appliances are old, chances are your oven light bulb is a compact fluorescent lamp.

Like many other appliances in the home, the light bulb in your appliance may go off for various reasons. It is advisable for you to read the manual before buying another bulb to replace it. Professionals like Spares2You can guide you on the right light bulb and prevent you from making the wrong decision.