Types of Bacteria Lurking in Your Gym and How to Remove Them


Once you make a substantial investment in setting up a gym, running it efficiently becomes your topmost priority. And when your gym gets popular, it’s not only flooded with people but also harmful bacteria crawling over your equipment.

Studies on gyms say that nearly one million colonies of bacteria like ringworms can dwell on their surfaces. You can get rid of these by following the best cleaning practices and using antibacterial gym wipes.

Here is more information about the bacteria lurking in your gym.

What Equipment do Bacteria Hit Worst in a Gym?

In a study, it was found that gym exercise bikes, free weights, and leg press machines have huge colonies of infection-causing pathogens and bacteria on them. The equipment catches these germs through touching, sneezing, or coughing that spread bodily fluid. People having cut wounds or open sores may also contribute to the problem.

What Germs Can You Find in Your Gym?

Your gym may be harboring many dangerous germs, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Some of them are:

1Ringworm or Fungal Infections

Ringworms are the angry-looking red ring-shaped infections. Without proper treatment, these small infections turn into itchy rashes. Mostly, they thrive in wet surfaces of the gym or on the equipment exposed to body fluids.

Remember, ringworm spreads fast through skin contact as well. It would help if you killed them with a good disinfectant. Use antibacterial gym wipes that are safe and 100% effective to kill such germs.

2MRSA or Superbug

The superbug MRSA or Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus is highly contagious. It occurs commonly in the athletic facilities like gyms, especially in their shared equipment and locker rooms.

Clean them at least twice every day with the best cleaning supplies to keep your facility safe.

3Staph or Staphylococcus Aureus

As a dangerous form of Staph bacteria, this germ can lead to symptoms like pneumonia, cellulitis, recurrent boils, and sepsis. If these bacteria aren’t controlled, they can lead to fatal infections, over time. It usually spreads through skin to skin contact in the gyms.

When people work out on the weights, exercise mats, and other surfaces, they are in constant danger of catching Staph. Using the best quality gym wipes and right methods of cleaning, you can keep these surfaces clean and bacteria-free in your facility.


With more than three million catching a common cold every year, it is by far the most common type of bacterial infection in your gym. From skin contact to breathing, sneezing, and coughing, it spreads in many ways.

In the places where people are touching shared surfaces and breathing air infected with rhinovirus, there’s no escaping the impact of the common cold.


If a person has cuts or abrasions on their skin, they may be spreading impetigo. It can cause oozing or crusted skin. Though it remains dormant on the skin surface, you may feel its effects when it comes in contact with the Staph or strep.

Impetigo may spread in your gym when people share towels or touch each other. Sometimes, it may also occur due to using infected equipment.

For all these bacteria, use the best techniques that will keep your gym safe and sanitized.