Top Three Tips to Stay Safe in The Dark


With winter well and truly here, you are no doubt slowly adjusting to the dark mornings and evenings. While the weather isn’t great, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t hinder your social calendar! The winter season is one of the busiest for seeing friends and family, with Christmas markets and the festive period lasting seemingly longer every year.

With that in mind, here are some top tips for staying safe in the dark no matter what you have planned in the coming weeks.

Be Prepared

Wherever you’re heading, whether it be on foot, public transport or driving, it’s important to have the essentials with you. No one wants to be caught short in the cold and dark, which can often happen if your train gets cancelled or you get a flat Tyre!

On top of that, power cuts in the winter can be twice as inconvenient thanks to the dark conditions outside. Make sure you have some essential items to hand whether you’re in the house or out and about.

This can include having a high performance torch for enhanced visibility, whether you’re walking down a dark street or caught in the dark trying to fix a fuse. You should also ensure that you always have a coat in your car, just in case you happen to break down.

You should also ensure you have some sort of high visibility clothing, whether it’s a high-vis vest or something reflective that you can put on your jacket or bag. If you’re outside in the dark, this can make you even easier to see for other people and cars.

Plan Ahead

Winter driving can be particularly treacherous, especially if snow and ice is forecast. Be sure to plan your route in advance, as well as a back-up route just in case the usual roads are shut.

Remember that it will take you longer to brake, and hazards will be more difficult to see. If you usually wear glasses to see clearly, don’t get in the car without wearing them! This could be essential to both your safety and the safety of others. Look out for children, cyclists and animals.

If you are heading out on foot, make sure at least one person knows where you are going and consider keeping someone updated on your journey as you walk to your destination.

Keep Everything Secure

The dark weather often means an increase in burglaries, especially around Christmas. It is important to keep your car keys out of sight, and make sure all windows and doors are locked before heading out.

You might want to consider leaving some lights on in the house as a simple deterrent, and if you have an alarm then be sure to set it!

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so take any steps you can to make sure you, your family and your home remain safe through the dark winter months.