Top 5 Advantages of Online Tax Filing (E-filing)


Online tax filing is one method to get rid of this tiresome procedure. It’s not only easy and simple, but also rapid. Everything is processed more quickly.

Paying taxes is an essential part of professional life, but it’s a difficult procedure involving keeping track of costs and receipts while also making sure you don’t forget any deductions. You must have experienced the headache of completing the paperwork before running to the post office to file your 1099 form and check as a freelancer or small business owner.

If your check disappears in the depths of the US Treasury, you will have to repeat the entire process, which is very time-consuming.

What are the Advantages of E-filing?

Online tax filing, also known as e-filing, offers various advantages to taxpayers, including Quick Acknowledgement.

Your tax return’s acknowledgment arrives quickly. When it gets paper returns, the IRS doesn’t notify anyone. Furthermore, because you avoid a trip to the post office and the associated mailing time, refunds—if any—are processed more quickly than returns filed on paper.


EFTPS tax filing ensures accuracy. Paper filings are susceptible to mistakes. A human error in data input is frequently possible when paper forms are uploaded to an electronic system. In the tax realm you have to take care of a lot of care in estimating your taxes. To ease your work you can use an income tax calculator and a tax bracket calculator that can help you with a quick estimate and then you can build on that


You can file your taxes whenever you want, wherever you are, using the E-filing tool, which is open around-the-clock. You can begin filing and save your work so that you can come back to it later. Along with other convenience features, you can choose the day your bank account will be debited for your tax payment by choosing to file now and pay later.

3Secure & Safe

Since your data is secure and not accessible to anyone by accident or purpose, online tax filing is more secure than paper filing. Your bank account information and statements may be compromised if you file documents on paper.


When submitting returns, you can quickly access historical data thanks to an online platform. When it comes the time to file tax returns, the majority of e-filing apps save your historical data in an easy vault with protected access.

5Quick updates

Because the tax legislation is always changing, if you file your taxes online, you will instantly receive an update regarding the list of forms prior to the e-filing deadline.

Additionally, you instantly receive a filing confirmation by email on your registered email address, both at the time of filing and thereafter.

Online tax filing is not only easy, it’s also incredibly practical.

Another advantage of electronically submitting your taxes is that tax preparation software like FlyFin is designed to optimize your savings. The programme uses artificial intelligence (AI), which is always searching for tax benefits and deductions that are relevant to your career and filing status. This solution is very helpful for freelancers like delivery drivers that work on apps like Doordash and Instacart.

By using FlyFin, which not only helps people save money on their tax returns but also looks for possibilities to increase your tax refund, many people discover that they are eligible for additional deductions. Additionally, if you want to submit your taxes straight through FlyFin or share the tax summary for IRS form with your CPA, you can export the tax summary in excel format.