Top 5 Most Useful Gadgets for College Students in 2020

Group of young people using digital tablet and smart phone

College life can be demanding and tough but it can be fun at the same time. You’re not only dealing with classes, projects, and homework but you also need to juggle other activities including school clubs, events, sports, and activities. However, whether some of you can survive with or without the aid of gadgets, there are no second thoughts that gadgets can make a huge impact all throughout your journey as a student.

It’s important that you know what things you will need and the reason why you will need them. You might want to consider this list of gadgets that can be useful to you. Here are some of the 5 must-have gadgets for every college students for the years to come.


A smartphone is a must for every student. Having a smartphone makes it easy for students to check their emails from professors, chat with friends, reverse number lookup, etc. Most students nowadays use social media to create a group chat with their classmates where it has become a place where they can communicate and brainstorm their ideas regarding school works and the like.

Every year is getting more exciting for you to get a phone. You might want to consider upgrading your old phone with a new one. If you’re a loyal Apple fan, they have released their recent iPhone X but for Android fans, Samsung Galaxy S9 is the way to go. It doesn’t really matter whichever brand you choose since this year they both offer something for everyone. However, these phones can be really pricey for a person with a limited budget. You can explore other cheaper options that can somehow match their performance and quality as the variety of phones is endless.


If the word ‘Portable’ brings an image of huge, bulky projectors in your mind, think over! Modern projectors are lightweight,  loaded with features and are compatible with almost everything. Moreover, there are projector’s that are of pocket-size from the brand like Piqo. Piqo, is the world’s most powerful pocket-size projector that comes with durable, compact and intuitive design.


Tablets are no longer a luxury, they have been a vital need for a student to have both in class and outside. Most schools allow the use of tablets in replacement of hardbound books as they are easy to carry around from class to class.

Most resources such as standard books and textbooks are in the form of eBooks which can be accessed and downloaded easily in their tablets. Tablets are ideal for taking notes in your Microsoft Word or you can create a Powerpoint presentation as you browse information using the internet.


Tablets can perform similarly to laptops. However, there are still students who prefer to use a laptop over a tablet. If you need a full efficient productivity, you may need a bigger screen size since tablets have a smaller screen size.

Most advanced laptops have dual-batteries and multiple energy-conservation features that can give you ten to twenty hours of battery life compare to a tablet that would last for short hours depending on how heavy you use it. A laptop for students may be the greater choice since it’s more powerful and keyboard-equipped.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Not all the time you can study in the library and it can be challenging to find an alternative quiet place. This is very applicable for students who live in a dorm. We all know the problem of a party happening in the next room especially if you have thin walls that cannot prevent the noise from getting inside your room. Or you may find your roommate blasting loud music as you try to finish your work.

These are just some of the everyday situations if you are living in a dorm room. To help you get through it, the headphone industry is widely spread with their amazing technology such as a good pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Portable Phone Battery Packs

Portable Phone Charger or commonly known as “Power bank” is a great help to students who struggle to keep their electronic devices alive. It can be annoying if your gadget is off if use them for your projects, activities, and social life.

For a student who has a busy schedule, a portable phone charger is an answer. Sometimes you don’t find any accessible outlets to charge your phone or laptop in a room especially if you have back to back classes. This is where a power bank comes in handy, it will have you covered no matter how busy your day gets.

Most of the learning today takes place digitally since most of the resources are widely available online. Students have different ways to cope up with a stressful college environment but there is vitality in that kind of environment with keeping up with the latest useful gadgets. Thus, technology is just one of the successful ways to improve your life as a student.

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