Tips To Save Money On Your Water Bill – Don’t Miss!


Having a headache with your water bill this month? Looking for tips to save money on your water bill? If that is your case, read this article for a number of useful tricks and suggestions! Apply these nine simple ways below, and you will be surprised at how the bills decrease dramatically!

Tips To Save Money On Your Water Bill – 9 Basic Ways

1Select Water-Efficient Showerheads

Investing in showerheads that possess a more water-efficient feature is such a great deal. For instance, while regular showerheads consume more than 9 liters, the water-efficient ones usually use less than that. Statistics never lie that a commonly used showerhead uses up to a mind-boggling level of 20 liters per minute. Hence, you can economize on energy costs as well as water bills drastically by switching to use water-efficient showerheads.

Generally speaking, upgrading water-using appliances is vital. You should do some research on what you are about to buy first, as many showerheads have high water efficiency ratings that may cost you some more up-front fees. However, it is worth it to use them for longer-term cost savings.

2Install New Faucets

It stands to reason that switching off the tap while brushing teeth saves money. However, have you ever heard that you could save water even when the faucet is still running? WaterSense-certified faucets or faucet aerators will be your savior! These appliances limit the water flow through your faucets, lowering the level of energy and water usage required to have water heated.

But using those models will not compromise the performance. Instead, the faucets keep a higher efficiency level at 30%, compared to the standard ones.

According to some research, WaterSense installment could help conserve 6 billion gallons of water and nearly $60 million of energy costs in every 10 American houses. Hence, what a great deal if you go to choose those faucets and install them in your home.

3Collect The Rain

You can use any unused containers or a large cistern to collect rainwater in the garden and water your lawn with that amount of captured water. Or, you can catch the runoff water flow from the roof by connecting a rain barrel with your house’s downspout.

Making use of plastic cans that you throw away to construct your rain barrels is also a good idea. However, you should ask local ordinances for permission before you embark on the project; because collecting rainwater is off-limit in some particular areas.

4Buy Water From Wholesale Water Distributor

You can search in stores or look for a wholesale water distributor to purchase water at a much lower price. Believe it or not, buying in bulk usually saves you a lot of money.

5Reuse And Recycle

If possible, reuse and recycle! To be specific, don’t dispose of water in water bottles or drinking glasses. Instead, reuse it to hydrate your garden, water vegetables, and plants. Also, water usage for steaming vegetables can be used to make tasty stock or soup foundations.

6Avoid Running Water

To some people, it may look fancy when they leave the tap running while shaving or brushing their teeth. However, it turns out to be a harmful habit, wreaking a shocking amount of mayhem when it comes to water bills.

Therefore, always remember to log off the faucets if you do not directly use them. For example, if you want to wash a few pieces of vegetables or fruit, the tip to save on water is to pour water into a container or a sink instead of cleaning them under the running water.

7Fix Leaks

You may waste gallons of water every day if you underestimate minor leaks. The following data would take you a big surprise! It is a fact that a cracked faucet can dump nearly 4000 liters of water down the drain every year. Thus, repair any leaks right after you detect them. There are several ways of spotting leaks.

To figure out whether the toilet is leaky or not, put a few drops of food additive into the tank. If the watercolor changes, then your toilet faucet gets cracked and needs fixing.

Another method is hiring a professional plumber who can help you address the problem immediately. Or, in case there are any hidden water leaks in your home, check the reading to see the current water meter.

Then, leave your house “temporarily unused” for several hours, which means that no one is allowed to use water. You will recognize whether your home has any leaks via the reading’s change. In this case, call for the plumber to fix them right away if you are aware of leaks in the house.

8Take Shorter Showers

Many people have an interesting habit of taking long showers; however, the water bill will probably shock you at the end of every month. You need to tighten your belts to economize on energy costs. Basically! Take a shorter shower.

Set a timer to calculate the amount of time you spend bathing, then consider it as a benchmark to change. Let’s embrace the habit of short showers. The water bills will thank you a lot!

9Wash Clothes With Care

Make some adjustments to the procedure of washing your clothes, and you will see a significant change in your water bills.

  • Select washing machines that feature a high water efficiency level
  • Choose the eco wash setting when using the washing machine
  • Avoid using hot water; instead your clothes with cold water
  • Run a full load

Final Words

We are happy when you now finish reading our post on tips to save money on your water bill. With a small adjustment in your everyday habit, there will be a dramatic change in your water bills!

Share with us your results after applying at least one of the nine methods above. Or, if you have any other recommendations, drop a comment in the box below.

We thank you and wish you safe!