How to Select a Color for Your Vinyl Siding


Well, it’s finally that time. It’s time to update the siding on your house. What’s there now is old, outdated, faded, falling off, and just plain ugly.

After looking through the various house siding options, you’ve decided on vinyl siding because of its resistance to the elements and protection from moisture.

Question is this: how do you pick a color? This is a big, somewhat expensive decision, and the siding is going to be there on your house for the next few decades.

If you’re struggling with this decision, we have you covered. Here are some points to consider as you look through vinyl siding colors.

Look at What’s Near Your Siding

Perhaps the most important rule of choosing a vinyl siding color is to look at the colors of the other elements of your house. Look at the roof, the trim of your home, the doors, the windows. What colors are they, and how will they look against this or that siding color? You want to go with a color that will not clash with them. You don’t need to pick the same color as those things, because monochrome is boring. But go with a color that complements or even contrasts with them. If you have a dark roof, go with a lighter siding for a good visual pop.

Consider All Seasons and Lights

When you’re choosing siding, you’ll probably get some samples from the installer. If you take those outside to have a look at them up against your actual house, make sure you do so in all kinds of light, from sun to the darkest gloom. Siding looks different depending on what kind of light is hitting it. Check it out in the early sunrise, at midday, and at dusk. Look at it on a rainy day. If you like a color no matter what, it could be the one for you.

Think about Resale Value

If you aren’t going to live in your house for the rest of your life, then consider the next people who might live there. Will they appreciate your pink polka-dot vinyl siding (an exaggeration, but you get the idea)? At the same time, there’s definitely room to be different. If you live on a street where the houses all have that typical white siding, and all the houses kind of look the same, then why not make your house zing a little by going for a rich-looking dark blue siding with white trim? When you go to sell your house, prospective buyers will appreciate that you have the best-looking home on the street.

So, there’s plenty to consider with vinyl siding colors! Think about all seasons, weather, times of day, and future buyers of your house. As long as what you go with is tasteful and fits the specifics of your home and property, the vinyl siding you pick should look just fine.