11 Tips for Finding the Right Person While Online Dating

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Have you spent a lot of time on dating websites without yet finding the person you need? Unfortunately, this is pretty common. However, this does not mean that you need to lower your bar or give up your desires. We will teach you how to navigate among millions of online dating profiles and how to find “right person”, suitable in all respects.

The most important thing is to decide who and why you are looking for. A correctly set goal means that you have done half of the task which guarantees positive results. Then you need to choose a dating website, register on it, fill out a form, and upload good photos. All this has its own nuances and rules, compliance with which will lead you to success.

Online Dating Tips for Finding Right Person

We have prepared 11 online dating tips for your following which you can make your profile cooler, more interesting and attractive to the opposite sex. These recommendations are universal, so they are suitable for both women and men.

Fill out the questionnaire properly

The person who likes your physical appearance on your profile photo will always find time to read the information you provided. This will help him/her to learn your tastes, wishes and life position. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to fill it out and pay special attention to the following sections.

  • The purpose of dating. The words “sex” and “marriage” should not be used. Neutral phrases like “relations, friendship, communication” will suffice.
  • About myself. In this section, it is worth describing your positive qualities, explaining why the partner needs you; what you are experienced in and knowledgeable about.
  • A person I look for. Here you can flatteringly describe the desired partner. After reading it, a person will probably want to write to you, thinking that they match your description.
  • Marriage and children. You shall write the truth here, especially if you are looking for a serious relationship. After all, the truth will come out, eventually.
  • Type. This section must be filled out honestly and in detail. After all, if a person differs from your preferred type, it is unlikely that the communication will continue.
  • Priorities and goals in life. It’s not worth writing a thesis, one or two statements are enough.
  • Interests and hobbies. Do not check all of them! It’s better to specify something unusual.
  • Religion. This item should be completed only if it is important for you to find a fellow believer.
  • Preferences in sex. This should not be filled out at all! This information concerns you and your partner. It is not for all visitors of the website, among whom there could be inadequate people.
  • A diary. On some dating websites, the wall performs the function of this section. There you can publish any posts. This information is rarely viewed, but still you should not mess it up with vulgarity, obscene expressions, etc.

What you definitely should never do is to indicate personal information such as a phone number and address or place of work and make it accessible for the public. You don’t know what kind of people will look at your profile and what they will use this information for.

Stay away from any negativity and vulgarity

Even if you are looking for a casual relationship or sex for one night, you should not spoil your profile with vulgarity, obscene language and similar negative things. Be sure to check your profile and remove expressions that carry a negative context. The key to a successful search for a decent partner is only positive and pleasant phrases.

Upload a really nice photo of yourself

We can talk about this forever. Everyone knows that it is important to upload your greatest photo, yet, people still upload the images of cats, landscapes and other nonsense. If the photos taken by you or your friends are not entirely successful, get a professional photoshoot which will help you make the best photos possible.

Another important thing is to show the selected photos to friends of the opposite sex and ask them to choose the best one from their point of view. The image they choose should be set as your profile photo.

Think of an interesting nickname

Marketers know that naming of the questionnaire is, in fact, it’s “packaging.” You won’t surprise and attract anyone with a standard name. Moreover, you should not put a pet name, especially if you are far over 20 years old. This can scare away and create the impression of infantility.

The “catchy” name that stands out attracts interest at first sight. It is important that this interest comes from the audience you need. Therefore, it is important to correlate its meaning with what you write in the sections “About Me” and “A Person I am Looking for.”

Make a wish list of your partner

It is important to clearly outline your vision of the desired partner, while not narrowing your search too much. Write a list of what you would like to see in your partner and then edit it, discarding those items that may be changed or are not that important. You can add the final version of the list to your profile on a dating website.

Enable selection by parameters

Don’t ignore the selection feature that many dating websites have developed, and you can use it to create the perfect look and show what you’re counting on. Also, this feature will help weed out those who are categorically not suitable for you.

Use profile clones

This is useful for those who are planning to date for several purposes. For example, the search for a serious relationship and sex for one night should be posted in different profiles. And in the second account, you can edit the photos so that they are not similar to the photos in the first account.

Use the “Ignored” folder

Do not waste your time on useless texting with people who are obviously not right for you. And if they insist on communication, just ignore it. This way you save a lot of time that you can use to find a worthy partner.

Advertise yourself

Feel free to be the first one to write to the people you like. If possible, use the service, which picks profiles in the search. Participate in games and quests that are often arranged between members of dating websites. The more popularity you get, the higher is the chance that the right person will notice you.

Do not delay a face-to-face meeting

In the current realities of lockdown, this advice is difficult to follow. However, in other circumstances, this is very important. Ideally, online communication should go offline in the second week after the meeting.

End unpleasant communication

Dating websites often become a haven for pick-uppers and other individuals looking for “a victim”, playing on emotions, sometimes even trying to humiliate others. Be aware of this and value your time and, please, do use a wonderful option to ban such users.

We hope you find these tips useful. Good luck with finding your happiness!

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