3 Things to Do If Your Teen Son or Daughter Lands in Jail


Though many parents are petrified when their teen son or daughter is taken into custody, juvenile delinquency is not new in Montgomery County, Ohio, or for that matter in the US. The common teenage crimes are graffiti charges, vandalism, underage alcohol consumption, shoplifting, rash driving, and assault.

Putting teenagers in jail is expensive as well as ineffective, based on a recent report. Therefore, if your child (son or daughter) happens to be in jail, here are three things you must consider:

Keep your calm

No mom and dad are happy when they hear that their teen kid is behind the bars, but then these things do happen. First things first, you as parents should stay calm and composed to handle the crisis smartly.

Your teen son or daughter has done something wrong and therefore in prison, true, but that does not mean you yell at them or make things worse for them. A criminal history will ruin their lives and career and you will not like to make them look guilty at such crisis times. Your sole focus should be to get in touch with a professional bail bondsman to get your teen out of prison as soon as possible.

Paying for the services of a bail bondsman

It is the most crucial stage that helps you to get your teen out of jail fast and immediately. Teenagers are usually released on bail and therefore, you should keep the money ready that is charged by a bail bondsman to free your son or daughter.

The agents normally charge 10 percent of the bail amount for a quick release. Moreover, professionals from Montgomery County Castle bail bonds have a clear understanding about this unlikable and sad moment, when your kid’s release should take priority above everything else.

Avoid acting as an attorney

It is natural to feel irate and upset with your teen son or daughter, but instead of teaching the tenets of law to your child, look for professional legal assistance. Do not do any such thing that might annoy the cops and make your child look culpable. Avoid saying anything at the police station until an attorney is present to understand the nature of the crime.

Do not let your child talk to the cops and confess anything that could be used in a court of law. If your kid has been booked for a lighter offense, you need not panic. One mistake and your teen son or daughter’s career is damaged for the rest of their lives.

When consulting with a bail bondsman, tell him everything about the offense, be it shoplifting or underage drinking. Ask whether a bailout is possible for your child or not, in case, the charges are serious like open firing in US schools, which are very common these days.


Now that you have these tips handy, make the right decisions to get your teen out of prison as soon as possible. Hire a reputed bail bonds agency for a quick release.