The Most Common Phone Repairs Seen by Technicians

phone repairs

Nowadays, we need our phones for everything, not just making calls. Examples of popular uses include browsing the Internet, getting directions, and listening to music. Cell phones have become vital to our daily life. Phones are not indestructible. They are delicate technology that often needs repairing. They cannot withstand shock, dust, water, or extreme temperatures. If there is something wrong with your cell phone, do not try to fix it yourself. Many repairing shops and servicing centers are available. Based on recent trends, these are the most common phone repairs that technicians see:

Damaged USB charging port

The USB charging port is an important part of the cell phone, being used to supply electric power and allowing for data transfer. If you are not careful with the USB port and charging cables, you risk damaging the phone. The charging port may need to be fixed, so check for damage. Plug the charging cable into the USB port. If the phone does not charge, this is a sign the USB port has to be fixed. The battery will drain out in no time and you will not be able to use your device.

Check for residue around the USB port. Black residue indicates that a component has burnt inside the cell phone or there was an inadequate charge voltage. Sometimes, the pins inside the charging port are broken or bent. If this is the case, it is not surprising you cannot recharge the device. The issue will not fix itself, so reach out to a professional. They will get the phone up and running immediately.

Cracked screen

You drop your cell phone and the screen cracks. This can happen to anyone. While the gadget remains intact after the fall, not the same thing can be said about the display. Glass screen is weak and has the tendency to break. Manufacturers make more durable screens now. However, they can crack if they are dropped hard enough. Once the display is damaged, only a repair technician can fix the problem. it is recommended to repair or replace the screen altogether. Using a mobile phone with a cracked screen can be risky and this is why:

  • The device will not get better with time. The function of the home screen is compromised, so it will take longer for the phone to respond to the finger gestures.
  • Your eyes get tired from intensive use. You cannot see the content due to the cracked areas. You will be squinting to see better. The best thing you can do is take the gadget to a mobile phone repair shop. Not only do you get a trustworthy service but also fix your phone with less money.

Water-caused damage

Water damage is by far one of the most common issues in cell phones. Every day, 100,000 of phones are damaged by water or other liquids. Water damages the circuits and hardware components. It can even affect the motherboard. The longer the device is in the water, the more damage it will sustain. You have probably heard that the best way to prevent further damage is to put the phone in a container of rice. The truth is that rice absorbs the least amount of water, so it is not a good drying agent.

If your precious phone takes a dip in the sink, take it to an expert technician. The professional will do everything possible to save the gadget. If the device is beyond repair, they will retrieve information stored on the mobile phone. You will be able to recover contacts, pictures, and more. Just so you know, the repair requires replacing damaged parts. You will get back a full-functioning phone that works like new.

System crash issue

Mobile phones are incredible pieces of technology. Unfortunately, they are not without fault. If you experience a system crash, retrieve the data and information stored on the device. You can search for solutions later. Once you have retrieved your data, you can solve the system crash. It is likely to experience issues if the device’s memory is full. The cell phone will slow down when it approaches its storage capacity. Other possible reasons are:

  • Software conflict – Applications compete for the same resources, so conflict can arise. If there is a bug in the code, the app will prevent other apps from working properly. Uninstall the programs that cause problems and find alternatives.
  • Battery problems – Restarting your phone cannot fix a drained battery issue. If there is poor contact between the battery and the connector, have the gadget repaired.
  • Virus infection – Cell phones can get viruses, although this rarely happens. If your device is infected, contact a repair technician. They will remove the virus from the phone and make sure the information is not lost.

Phone crashes are inevitable, but they are manageable. You can google how to fix Android or iOS system crash. Yes, but you are better off having the mobile phone repaired by a professional.

Audio output

You have no idea why the phone speaker is not working. It could be anything from bad wiring to power surges. More often than not, the volume control buttons are disconnected or damaged. You should consult with a repair technician on this matter. You can find many repair shops for cell phones these days. There is no need to buy a new device. Repair the one you have. The repair might take a couple of months to complete, but you will get a replacement to use in the meantime.

If your mobile phone is not making any sounds, see what is going on with the speaker. The external or internal speaker may have stopped working. You cannot do the repair yourself, as easy as it might seem. Cell phones are complex devices, meaning that it is risky to try to open one and make the simplest repairs. A repair technician knows a few tricks that will allow for damage prevention. Hand your phone over to someone who knows what they are doing.