3 Unique Career In Political Science Degree Can Lead to

political science

While political science is a worthwhile course of study for its own sake, this educational path also offers you multiple unique career options. As you learn more about the State, its origin, nature, structure and functions, you’ll better understand the question of “what is social justice?” and why it has become the prevailing question of our times.

Today’s political science programs integrally include the social justice political and philosophical theory, which takes traditional principles of civil and criminal law and economic supply and demand out of traditional frameworks, applying them to today’s diverse populations.

What careers does political science lead to?

Are you wondering what you can do after earning your political science degree? Here are three unique careers you can pursue to participate in social justice for everyone.

Non-Profit Program Coordinator

Program coordinators working for non-profit organizations like social service agencies, charities and relief organizations work at the administrative and operational management levels. However, many professionals in this field hold a political science degree to help them more easily navigate institutional challenges faced by the population they serve. Much of the work they do involves handling human resource tasks, including hiring and training passionate candidates. Additionally, a core goal for most non-profit program coordinators is to secure and maintain an operating budget by planning fundraising initiatives through outreach coordination and public communication and awareness.

Candidates in this field need a bachelor’s degree at a minimum, but program supervisors usually prefer seeing a master’s degree in political science, public administration, social work or criminal justice. Professionals in this field might expect to earn between $56,553 and $74,861 annually, depending on your location and the organization.

Legislative Assistant

As a legislative assistant, you’ll work for a legislator, political advocacy group, government official, non-profit organization or special interest agency where you will research, write and edit bills, proposals and other types of legislation. You might run or attend brainstorming sessions with other assistants and legislators, offer ideas, provide revisions and recommendations, and answer questions posed by the media or other legislators working for or against your project.

A degree in political science is invaluable to this position, which will allow you to earn around $41,033 annually. However, the position will allow you to create endless possibilities for your career in legislation, particularly as a future legislator yourself.

Communications Liaison or Specialist

Non-profit organizations, special interest groups, urban planning associations, healthcare organizations and many other agencies that serve the public interest need educated communications specialists to deliver information to the public on their behalf effectively. In this unique career, you might find yourself working on social media campaigns, advertising a new park, conducting public relations duties and much more.

Professionals in this field frequently work in government services and benefit from earning a political science degree that includes the tenets of social justice to serve the common good. You can expect to earn around $53,374, according to Payscale.

Enjoy Unique Career Using Your Political Science Degree

The list of unique career choices you can pursue with your political science degree is gratefully long, but these three careers offer you a great place to start. Whether you work as a communication specialist for an urban planning group, a government official as a legislative assistant or as a program coordinator for a non-profit, you’ll get the chance to use your degree daily while also serving the public interest.