Specialist Tools for Vehicle and Engine Maintenance and How They Work

SGS Engineering

You can drive your vehicle as carefully and cautiously as possible, but sooner or later they’ll need some maintenance work. Moreover, you can have all the wisdom required to maintain your vehicle and its engine, but if you don’t have the proper tools in any of these events, you’re stuck!

A job well done requires tools well made, and there are specialist pieces of equipment out there that are essential if you want to look after your vehicles properly. After all, cars can have faults without you being the cause, so it’s important to get ahead and do those checks!

Consequently, here some handy, specialist tools for vehicle and engine maintenance and a quick detailing of how they work.

Impact Wrench

Wheel changing, break and suspension work are always extremely common when looking after your vehicle, but the impact wrench makes the whole process far less laborious. They’ll loosen lug nuts in a matter of moments and do now come cordless It’s not all positive however, as users will still need to wear protective headwear in order to drown out the extortionate amount of noise these tools generate.

The reason the impact wrench is deemed ‘specialist’ is because they’re a far sight better at loosening lug nugs on a wheel than the standard lug wrench. It gets everything done in a speedier and yet a more refined fashion also, so definitely consider an upgrade in this department if you need one.

Bearing Pullers

Sometimes, in order to better inspect your car, you need to take it apart – at least partially. This is what bearing pullers are partly used for. These specialist tools remove components like gears, pulleys and, you guessed it, bearings, from any shaft in a secure manner for replacement or further observation.

Bearing pullers are fitted with multiple parts; the forcing screw, hexagonal head, cross arms, and reversible claw legs.  The legs are used to wrap around any of the previously listed components for a firm fixture, and the forcing screw is utilised to ensure a smooth and safe extraction.

Unfortunately, they need do to be occasionally replaced as all good tools do, owing the amount that they can get damaged or rusted during use. That said, bearing pullers are easily acquired from companies like SGS, so make sure you always have a set in good condition to hand.

Battery Carrier

Sometimes, being a specialist at what you do means not only doing it well, but also in style too. While mechanics are certainly expected to get filthy, you may just look slightly more professional if you minimise the grubbiness as much as possible. It’ll perhaps display that you’re less sloppy at what you do, and also provide you with greater comfort.

Therefore, the battery carrier is a specialist tool; you simply need to widen the jaws of the carrier, slot it carefully over the top of the battery you want to extract, and it’ll lift out smoothly and easily without a trace of grime getting on you. You can use it in reverse too, to put another battery inside the vehicle.

In the end, the carrier will enable you to handle your batteries with greater care – and you won’t risk clumsy fumbling the battery out of your own hands either.