Sleeping Better With A Partner Who Moves Around: A Guide To Better Sleep

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Blanket pulling, kicking, rolling around, tossing and turning. Does this sound familiar? If you or your partner struggle to stay in one place, during the night, it can make sleeping together quite difficult.

Life is busy, and the demands of work and family can lead to immense stress and pressure. For many, sleep is the only time of day the mind and body can rest, rejuvenate and relax in preparation for a new day.

But if a restless partner is keeping you up – something has got to be done about your lack of sleep. There are a few easy peasy ways to minimize the disruption of a partner who is constantly moving and reduce the likelihood of sleep deprivation.

From getting the best mattress to using separate blankets, there are ways to sleep better when you both sleep differently. These tips might just take your sleep experience to a whole new level.

Get serious about the size of your mattress

If you find your partner pushes you to the edge of the mattress every single night, you might need to research mattress sizes and see if there is room to upgrade.

Transitioning from a full-size mattress to a queen-size, or a queen to a king-size mattress can make a world of difference to your sleep experience.

Once you learn the ins and outs of mattress dimensions, you might discover that your bedroom can accommodate a larger bed than the one you have.

Get yourself a mattress that isolates motion

Mattresses that isolate motion are perfect for couples. The best mattress for motion isolation is designed with memory foam. Memory foam mattress absorbs movement, which means if your partner is tossing and turning, you’ll hardly feel a thing.

Unlike traditional mattresses like spring or latex, memory foam doesn’t bounce. It contours to the body. This absorption effect works in a similar fashion to a shock absorber – it slows down and reduces the magnitude of vibrations.

Not only are memory foam mattresses good for the restless one in the relationship, but it’s also a winner for comfort too. Many reviewers vote for memory foam as the most comfortable mattress.

Get a frame that gives you control

If you have entertained the idea of sleeping in another room but think you’ll miss your partner too much, an adjustable bed frame might be the perfect base for your bedroom.

Adjustable bases give you complete control of the bed with a wireless remote. With a split king option, each side of the base can move independently. If you want to recline and read while your partner tosses and turns on their side, simply click a button.

Not only are adjustable bed bases practical, but they’re also stylish, and can add a contemporary flair to any bedroom decor. Extra fancy features such as massage functions, led lighting, USB charging ports are also handy when you want to enhance your comfort experience.

Use separate blankets

If your partner is a blanket thief, use two separate blankets. Also, consider a weighted blanket – it is a good option for a restless sleeper. The gentle pressure stimulation calms the body, applying gentle pressure to muscles and joints.

This pressure may be quite helpful in reducing constant movement and creating a calm and relaxing sleeping environment for everyone. 

Make sure the room is dark

Often, people wake up and feel restless due to too much light in the room. Reducing the blue light created by phone screens and laptops, as well as blocking out natural light to minimize street lights from causing disruption can reduce frequent tossing and turning.

Restless sleepers are usually light sleepers. This means the smallest annoyances such as light, dust, and sound can impact the sleep cycle. Making the room dark can help keep movement to a minimum.

Each and every sleeper has a slightly different way of achieving rest. There are ways to sleep comfortably, even if you sleep with a partner who moves around. Use these tips to reduce disruption and start getting the sleep you deserve.