Should I Stay or Switch from My Mobile Plan?

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Is It Worth Remaining Loyal To Your Mobile Plan When There Are Better Options In The Market? Stay or Switch?

It is a hard decision to make when it comes to mobile plans and the universal question of switching or staying. Normally, it isn’t so hard when the carrier is offering very good services or on the flipside, very bad ones. But such scenarios happen rarely, especially in a telecommunication market where the competition is so tough and everyone refuses to back down.

In a competitive market like that of Australia, most consumers get stuck in a difficult situation. While they like their carrier, the other ones might be offering something too tempting to ignore, but at the same time, they might not be offering what their carrier is offering.

If you too are stuck in the same conundrum, you can only conduct your best mobile plan comparison and allow it to make the decision easier for you. This comparison will help pick out the right carrier for you when the competition is fierce in the market. Here are some of the important features to consider before switching:


Pricing is the key. The first thing to consider before switching is the rates. No matter what anyone says about the service, the price is always the prime motivator. It also helps with making the decision faster. If your carrier has suddenly increased their rates or included an expensive smartphone in their plan, while others are offering the same service at a better rate, then perhaps, it’s time to switch.


Most carriers encourage their customers to upgrade their smartphone, and this change brings forth various unsatisfactory results. Sometimes it is the quality of the smartphone, and at others, it is the sudden surge in costs and charges that come with it. If you are unhappy with the smartphone offered by your carrier, think about switching because you have to consider your comfort at the end of the day.

Customer Service:

If you have felt like your complaints or issues are not being dealt with accordingly, then it’s a good enough reason to switch. With so many competitors in the market, you hardly have any reason to stay stuck with a service that does not value its customers as much as it should.


Mobile network providers are generous with their discounts and if you have been loyal to a brand for many years and have yet to avail any discounts because they are lacking in that department, then don’t hesitate to switch.

Cost of Leaving:

Some mobile plans have hefty fees for exiting their network or exiting it early. Being a loyal customer, you might have some leeway. If not, then consider other things. Why are you even leaving the network, is it just to avail other services or because yours is not providing its services properly? If switching can be avoided then avoid it. Or if you are willing to pay the exit fees, switch to another network by all means.

Before switching, you will also need to unlock your mobile phone, so make sure you take care of it.