4 Must-Have Self-Defense Tools for Students

self defense

It would be nice to think that the world is a perfectly safe place. As you get older, you quickly realize it is not as safe as you once believed. The only thing scarier than you being in danger is your child or student being in danger.  This is why students and young adults need to have the best self-defense tools to help them stay safe as they start exploring the world. If you are not sure which self-defense tools are best, read the following four recommendations.


One popular tool is a self-defense keychain. These keychains come in so many different shapes and sizes and are incredibly easy to use, which means they are perfect for students of any age.

There are also videos all over the internet teaching you how to effectively use them, since they come with a small point that, when used correctly, can injure the attacker but not kill them. However, no matter how scary and dangerous these are, they come in pretty patterns and are typically discrete, meaning you can go anywhere with one of them in hand.

Pepper Spray

Along with the self-defense keychain, pepper spray is the most popular self-defense tool on the market, and it is for a good reason. Pepper spray is incredibly useful because the attacker does not need to be super close for you to be able to use it.

You can spray from a few feet away, which will irritate the attacker’s eyes to make them go blind for a few minutes, giving you enough time to run away and find help. Pepper spray also does not require much effort to use. As long as you make sure your student does not spray themselves by accident, pepper spray will come in handy.

Tactical Pens

Another popular form of a self-defense tool is tactical pens, which are small sticks that can be used to stab the attacker and cause pain without actually penetrating their skin. These pens are easy to carry around with you everywhere you go, and they are often very discreet, which allows you to have protection on you without it being obvious.

The only disadvantage with these pens, similar to the keychains, is you have to be close to the attacker for these to work; however, they are a great secondary option if you find yourself in the arms of your opponent.

Stun Guns

Last, but certainly not least, are stun guns. Stun guns are possibly the most powerful self-defense tool out there, and for valid reasons. They are terrifying even to be threatened with, so they can scare anyone away just by demonstrating it. If you find yourself having to use it on someone, all the stun gun will do is send enough volts of electricity to shock or stun the attacker, but will not kill them.

Self-defense tools are necessary for anyone today, but students can protect themselves with these four tools specifically.