Safety Guidelines Following a Car Accident

car accident

If you’re living in California, especially in the city of Mission Viejo, you’re well-aware of how beautiful the entire neighborhood is and how safe the city has become for residents and tourists. Still, accidents are inevitable, and once you’re in it, there’s no taking back of the injuries, trauma, and stress you’ll obtain.

If you want to be prepared in case you get into a vehicular accident, having your own car accident attorney Mission Viejo Ca is essential to ensure that you have the proper legal assistance right away.

Not only that, there are also other things you should keep in mind when in a car accident:

Stop and stay

Whether the accident happens in the tree-lined neighborhood of Mission Viejo, the freeway, or the intersection, remain in your place. Don’t move your car and most certainly do not drive away from the accident.

Even if the accident is small, the smart thing to do is stop and stay in the scene. This will ensure you’re not just running on adrenaline and ignoring any injury you might have gotten from the accident.

Stay safe

After you’ve stopped on the road, give yourself a moment, and take a deep breath, then evaluate yourself for any injury or pain. When you’re all cleared, carefully step out of the car to the side of the road.

Make sure to check your surroundings before stepping out to see if there are any incoming vehicles or shards of glass that might pierce you.

Contact the authorities

When you’re safely out of your vehicle, quickly contact the police and report where you are and what happened. Give them a few details and be clear on your location.

When you talk to the authorities, professionals advise not to take any of the blame or admit to being guilty just because you feel bad. You have to speak to your car accident attorney in Mission Viejo, Ca, before saying anything to avoid hurting yourself and the case.

Take notes and photos

Even though Mission Viejo is one of the safest places to live in, it might take the authority some time to get to where you are. The best business to do in this situation is to take photographs and document the whole scene, if possible.

Capture every side of the car and surroundings, so you have original pieces of evidence to show what happened in the scene. You’ll also want to take note of everything you can remember. Make your notes as detailed and accurate as possible so you can tell the authorities and your lawyer precisely what happened during the accident.

Move your car to safety

If the accident occurs in the middle of the road and you still can move your vehicle, then move it to the side of the way so you can avoid causing traffic jams.

However, if you are unable to move your vehicle, put up a sign around it or anything that can signal incoming people that there’s a car on the road to avoid causing another accident or further damage.

Contact your lawyer

Call your car accident attorney in Mission Viejo, Ca right away. Whether it’s a small or big accident, your lawyer will protect you from any pressing charges. Your lawyer will also help you face the police to ensure you don’t do or say anything is damaging to your case.

When a car accident hits you, you’ll feel a sense of panic and distress take over your body. Try your best to calm down and have a steady head so you can safely handle the situation without making things worse for yourself or the other party.  Ensure to follow these tips, especially getting in touch with a lawyer, so you’re sure that everything works out well for you.