5 Reasons Your Customers Won’t Buy from You Again

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Contemporary E-commerce and retail businesses keep searching for innovative ways to market their products and services. The core idea is to capture the imagination of the buyers. Also, providing consumers with a rich and wholesome shopping experience forms the core of your business. No matter how good your products are, if your marketing strategies aren’t efficient, then you have lost the battle. Yes, it sounds quite sad but this happens to be the ultimate truth.

A newly-incorporated retail or Ecommerce business will do anything and everything to lure customers. You’ll give handsome discounts. You will also provide customers with cash refunds in case they are not satisfied with the product’s quality. If you’re the ‘new kid on the block’, you want customers to know about you. You want customers to buy products from you. The idea is to drive traffic onto the website.

Moving on, you want your customers to return to your site, don’t you? Buying once isn’t enough. That is how you develop goodwill. However, there are times when customers are left with a bitter taste in their mouth after buying and using a product or service. Undertaking comprehensive customer experience management in order to ensure that your customers are satisfied. It also helps you keep track of the improvements you are supposed to make.

Here are a few reasons why customers are hesitant to buy products from you:

Your product quality isn’t good enough, as simple as that

This one happens to be an obvious reason behind losing customers. A customer won’t return to your retail or online store if the product quality of your goods isn’t up to the mark. Well, why would people spend money on acquiring something that doesn’t benefit them in the long run? If you happen to be facing this issue, then it is better to change your suppliers. Opt for a supplier who provides better quality products.

At times, the product quality is good but the product ends up getting damaged during transportation. In this case, providing hassle-free replacement facilities to your customers is the best alternative.

There can be a communication gap

Communication gaps can end up causing a lot of trouble. As a business, you need to keep track of what your customer wants. Getting in touch with consumers using social media platforms and online discussion forums offers you an opportunity to indulge in conversations with consumers on a personal level. Communication happening on social media platforms ( the likes of Facebook) has a far greater degree of intimacy compared to formal communication. Your consumers can open up and tell you about the grievances they are facing in a much lighter and friendly tone than usual.

You’re not giving them what they want

This can also be a possibility that you are not giving your customers the product or service that they want. Having a substitute is not an option. You have to give your customers exactly what they want. For example: If your customers want an air-conditioner that can run on an inverter, then you have to provide them with that.

Your delivery system can be the biggest pain point

At times, product deliveries tend to take a lot of time. As a result, the consumer gets disillusioned and decides not to buy a product from you in the future. Quick and hassle-free delivery services are an integral part of an Ecommerce business. You can have warehouses and storage units in various locations in and around the city. This will help make your life simpler. Customers always love shopping from online platforms that arrange quick deliveries. Make sure that all your deliveries are being made on time. Have digital analytics in place to monitor the proceedings.

Easy returns are not available

Perhaps the most important part. A vast majority of customers refrain from buying products from an online vendor if the vendor does not provide easy returns. There are possibilities that a consumer might not like a product he/she has ordered.

That’s all, folks!