3 Reasons Why Tankless Water Heaters Make Sense

Tankless Water Heater

If you buy a new home, you may find that you’ve got some newer features. If you see a total tear-off from a year or two earlier when you look at the roof, that’s an attractive feature. If you have a newer central air unit or gutter blockers that repel leaves, you should like that as well.

You might see whether you get a new tankless water heater when looking at a new home. If you don’t get one, you may install one once you move in.

Tankless water heaters can cost $3,100-$6,400, but they’re good investments. We’ll discuss reasons why you may want one right now.

Tankless Water Heaters Let You Use Hot Water in Multiple Places Simultaneously

If you set up and use a tankless water heater in your new home, you can use hot water throughout the day. You can do that with a standard version with a tank as well, but the hot water usually runs out faster.

Tankless water heater manufacturers make them with a modern home’s needs in mind. They understand you might have the dishwasher going, so that needs hot water. Maybe you’re doing a load of laundry at the same time.

Perhaps you have the laundry or dishwasher going, but you must also shower because you’re on the way to work. You want hot water for the shower, and you can have it while you’re also using heated water elsewhere in the house with a tankless water heater.

They’re Standout Features When You Sell Your Home

You’ll probably sell your house at some point. Maybe you’ll stay there for several years, but eventually, you’ll move on. Perhaps your kids graduate from high school and move out, and you feel like you don’t need all the extra room and the additional upkeep the larger space requires.

When you put the house on the market, you can say you have a tankless water heater when you list the home’s amenities. Potential buyers should like that. They might prefer your home over another in the area if they see you have already installed a tankless water heater, and they can start using it the very day they move in.

They Don’t Take Up as Much Room in Your Basement

You will install most water heaters in your basement. That’s where they make the most sense. When you do, you’ll quickly see that they take up very little room.

If you look at a traditional water heater beside a tankless one, you’ll realize how much space you can save with the tankless version. The tankless water heater can attach to the wall in a corner. It doesn’t have the volume a traditional tank does.

You’ll have more room in the basement for storage. You can even finish the basement if you want and install another bedroom or a den down there. You likely couldn’t do that if you had a traditional water heater taking up all that room.