5 Reasons to Propose a Girl with a Vintage Ring

vintage ring

When you go to pick out an engagement ring, it is normal for you to look at them with your vision, but when it comes to a big grand movie style proposal, you should consider looking through your girls Instagram saved as they have a lot of rings and accessories saved over there.

If your girl prefers classic rings or vintage rings, we can help you choose the perfect ring for her. Stick with us throughout the article and find the right choice for your love.

Choosing an engagement ring can be quite overwhelming for some people. Many things might cross your mind while trying to pick one. Will she like it? Will it match her style? Will it be meaningful? It can be tough to find the perfect ring and might even take some time, but you can never go wrong when it comes to a vintage ring.

Why should you propose to the girl with a vintage ring?

So here are a few reasons to choose a vintage ring in place of a normal modern ring for when you propose to a girl.


Vintage rings people think they might be old, and the style won’t be modern, but that is not the case. Vintage rings are gorgeous and have a beautiful shine to them. They are classic and will never go out of style. Your partner will be wearing the engagement ring for a long time, so the ring must be beautiful. The vintage rings have beautiful pierced patterns and Edwardian style that accentuate how your hand looks. You can also look for Vintage jewelry Seattle on the internet. By doing so, you’ll have a lot of options in your hand.

Has a beautiful past

Every vintage ring holds a beautiful past. It could be on the year it was made, who it was studded in it. Wearing a beautiful vintage ring can connect you to the past and make you wonder a lot about who wore the ring before? Where has this ring been? Which type of diamond is placed on it? Such questions might take up a lot of space in your mind and form a beautiful connection between you and the past.

Delicate crafting

One of the biggest reasons why vintage rings are so highly looked up till today is because of the indicate design each one has. The delicacy in each ring is massive, and no other ring style has a hold on them still. They are so beautiful and rare that everybody wants them. One thing you can be sure of when it comes to a vintage ring is that it will never go out of style. It will be show-stopping and head-turning till the end of time.

One of a kind

No matter how much today’s ring makers try, it’s not possible to copy the same design of any vintage ring. This is what makes them truly rare and outstanding. Every ring has a unique sense of style to it and will never fail to make your partner smile every time they look at their hand. Every vintage ring is just one of a kind in the whole world, just like your significant other.

Sentimental value

Vintage rings have been passed down from generations for a long time now and hold a very special place in the family. The fact that you took an extra effort to add your touch to this family heirloom will make it extremely sentimental when you propose. With this ring, she’ll understand the importance of how and why it was passed on, what changes were made, what challenges were faced with doing so. She’ll feel extremely special and will be able to fit right into your family.

There are a million reasons why vintage rings are far better than modern style rings to propose with. Sometimes second-hand doesn’t mean it’s second-best. Investing in a vintage ring will be the right choice for you and your life partner. So go for it.