Reasons to Install a Neon Sign to Your Gym

neon sign

As 2022 will soon be upon us, many will be hitting the gym to begin their new year’s fitness journeys. For the fitness industry this is always an incredibly busy time as new members come on board, making full use of your site’s facilities. Since this is a particularly popular time to recruit new members, have you considered adding some finishing touches to your gym’s interior to really wow new members? With the installation of a bespoke neon sign you could motivate your gym goers and help them stick to their new year’s resolutions.

Make a statement

A neon sign can truly make a statement in your gym. Since many companies allow you to create your very own bespoke neon sign, choose a saying or phrase that will stand out to your regulars and help welcome gym newbies. The gym doesn’t have to be a dreaded place, by installing a neon sign with motivating language, you will help to contribute towards creating a motivational environment. One which your members feel ready to take on their fitness goals, achieve new personal bests and work on their health and wellbeing.

Some great sayings which could be transformed into a neon sign include:

  • “Make it happen”
  • “Today, Not Tomorrow”
  • “Let’s do this”
  • “Feel the burn”
  • “Nothing is Impossible”

Create a fun environment

Gyms can often have a bad reputation, particularly amongst those who are put off by dingy sports halls and outdated leisure centers. To ensure your gym is a fun, modern and welcoming environment, the interiors should be considered an important aspect.

If you are looking to add some decorative details to make your gym a much more exciting place to be, a neon sign is a great way to add a pop of color and a glow to your space. This is especially useful for gyms based in industrial warehouses or units where natural lighting is sparse. The additional feature of a neon sign is sure to brighten your space, creating a gym which is both modern and fun to be.

You can choose from a quote, catchphrase, logo, or image and design a bespoke neon sign which encapsulates the vibe of your gym.

Help your business stand out

The fitness industry is an incredibly competitive industry, with new gyms popping up in towns and cities every year. As a gym business owner, you will know how hard it can be to stand out amongst the crowd. Branding is an important part of creating a name for your gym and building a loyal membership base. Although it seems simple, a neon sign is an excellent addition to your gym’s branding. A bright, colorful neon sign featuring your gym’s logo or company name will attract the right attention of passers-by who may be looking for a new gym or are curious about new fitness classes and PT sessions.  With this instantly recognizable form of branding people will instantly know who you are and what you offer.