Neutral Spirits – What to Keep in Mind

neutral spirits

You may have heard about neutral spirits and how they can be used to produce different stuff. Neutral spirits are said to be an important base for some alcoholic beverages like vodka and gin. It is important to know about neutral spirits before you go to buy them. Read on to find out more.

What can be said to be a neutral spirit

This is highly concentrated ethanol that is distilled until it actually reaches a min. ABV of 95%. These are able to be made using grains, grapes, molasses, as well as other agricultural origins. The spirts are said to be neutral when it comes to flavor and odor. They are also colorless. But you should keep in mind that there are certain flavor variations amongst the neutral spirits.

Neutral spirits are able to be used to make certain spirits. They are also popular in some industries like the food one, non-alcoholic beverages, perfume industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. If you are in one of these industries you should look for the best ingredient for your product.

How neutral spirits are made

Neutral spirits are made by choosing the raw material. There are different agricultural products that are utilized to make it. Common ones are grains, molasses, grapes, sugarcane, etc.

The next stage includes fermentation. If you wish to make neutral and rectified spirits, you have to have organic materials which have either starch or even sugar.

When the fermentation has been done then distillation and rectification are needed.

Types of neutral spirits

You need to know that there are various quality grades present for neutral spirits. The following are some:

Extra-neutral alcohol

Extra Neutral Alcohol or ENA is a high distillate alcohol. It does not have impurities and has an ethanol grade which is of 96% ABV or even more. When it comes to ENA, this is able to be used in beverages and also for non-beverage uses.

It can be used in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, etc. industries.

Potato-based Neutral Alcohol

This is also referred to as potato alcohol. It is made using potatoes that are a popular option to make vodka as well as aperitifs as it possesses a slightly creamy type of texture that allows it to be good for the base spirit. It is even gluten-free.

Organic cane alcohol  can be used to make organic beverages, organic spirits, and even organic vinegar. It can even behave like a preservative. Organic sugarcane alcohol 96% tends to be produced by fermenting as well as distilling molasses that are from certified organic grown sugarcane. This alcohol is said to have a clear color and is even low when it comes to impurities.

If you need to get neutral alcohol, you should research so that you can find a reputable seller. They should be able to give you something that is of a good-quality. You do not want to waste money on low-quality stuff. If you invest in good ingredients, the final product will be good as well.