Ultimate Tips For Moving Heavy Items

moving heavy items

When we plan to move there is a set of a lot of question which comes in our mind. From moving the fragile items to moving the small toiletries or moving the heavy items you need to be prepared for all the chores. Moving heavy items is probably the first thing in your moving checklist. This might be a tough job and at one moment you may feel sad but then you need to understand how to take it easy and move. So given below are details on moving heavy items as they are a little tough.

Tips to moving heavy items

Get help

The first thing you can do is take the aid of professional movers as it will lighten the load of moving. However, if this is not what you can really do then ask your friends as they are a wonderful asset which will support you and help you when you are planning a move.

Plan the route

Next thing which you can do certainly is planned the route in which you make sure that the path you will be moving the item is clear and free of obstacles. It is also aid if you will measure the item as well as any doorways, hallways or tight spaces  which you have to pass through so as to be sure that it will easily move.

Lift carefully

You need to be very careful when it comes to lifting heavy items. Do test the weight of the object to be moved by cautiously lifting one corner off of the ground so that you know that will you be able to manage it or not. Remember, never ever try to move heavy items all on your own. Take help from a friend or two so as to stay comfortable. When lifting an item or placing it down, you need to bend at the knees, not the waist; keep your back straight and upright. Keep the item close to your body when you are carrying it.

Push, don’t pull

When possible, it is easier to push a large item rather than pulling it. This way, you are more aware of the track you are moving the item and have more power. To push a large item, lean ahead and use the force in your legs to start moving.

Moving heavy furniture easily

Make it lighter

Remove all the drawers, shelves or other contents before you opt for moving the furniture. This will make the piece lighter and easy for you to lift. It will also stop loose items from rattling around and damaging the furniture when you are moving. If a cabinet or bookcase is simple to reassemble, you may want to take it not together and move it piece by piece. If so, be certain to keep track of the nuts and bolts and store them in a proper place so that you can fix it again easily.

Use furniture pads

Furniture pad is a good option which can be rented from most moving truck rental companies and are necessary to protect your furniture from scratches and damage while you are shifting. Furniture pads come in two kinds, paper and fabric. While fabric will give you more protection, paper is cheaper and helpful for smaller appliances such as coffee-maker or microwave.

Use furniture sliders

Sliders can make the heaviest piece of furniture glide across the floor without much effort. Tilt the piece of furniture and place a pad under the lifted corner. Do the same for each of the remaining three corners and you can then push the piece all the way through the room with ease. Quilts, fabric, old newspapers or sheets of plastic or cardboard can also be made to use if are pushing a piece through the room. It will assist movement, as well as defend the floor and the furniture from abrasion.

Moving heavy appliances easily

Arrange the appliance

Make sure all shelves, racks and contents are taken out from the appliance. Unplug refrigerators and freezers 24 hours in advance so as to defrost. Turn off any gas connections and disconnect/drain the water lines from washing machines as then it will become lighter. Tape the electrical cord to the back of the component so that it does not become destruction when moving.

Use a dolly

Refrigerators cannot be laid down or tipped on their side because the oil from the compressor can go into the cooling lines. To avert a ruined fridge, a dolly can be an aid in keeping the heavy appliance erect during a move. You simply slide the dolly beneath one side of the appliance and save it using moving straps.

Lastly, set your foot on the dolly and incline it back. It is helpful to call out your friends when you are wheeling the appliance away so that they can assist you. When moving it downstairs, it is best to go base first, slowly moving the dolly downwards one step at a time. Have a helper at the other end of the dolly so as to be an aid to you for supporting the weight.

Moving heavy items on stairs

Next is moving heavy items on stairs. It could be a tough affair as on stair you might leave the thing, it may actually fall or even you can face injury. So, in that case, you need to be very careful. You can do certain things for the same. Given below are the details.

Look at the surroundings

When you are moving see the kind of stairs and analyze how you need to carry. Sometimes the steps are big and it is tough. So call people for help accordingly.

Use moving straps

Helpful moving tools can be used to make moving heavy items on the stairs easy without any pressure on you. Moving straps lower the center of gravity for the item, reallocate the weight and make it easier to lift. As you are not to bend, your body will have less stress and helps you move heavy items easily.

Thus these are the ways by which different category of heavy appliances can be moved.